Post-Judulang Remand (Unpub. BIA)

Nadeen Aljijakli writes: " I am very pleased to share the BIA's recent decision to reopen our client's case for consideration of 212(c) relief in light of the Supreme Court's case in Judulang v. Holder, 132 S.Ct. 476 (2011).  Judulang held that the BIA's prohibitive policy in its application of INA 212(c) to deportation cases was "arbitrary and capricious" under the APA.  After waiting nearly two years for this decision, this will be the beginning of a challenging road to bring our client back to the U.S., but he at least now will have the opportunity he deserves to fight for his LPR status.  His case involves very compelling circumstances, and it is our hope that he will eventually be reunited with his family in the U.S. as an LPR."