Test fails to replace immigrant laborers with U.S. citizens in Alabama

"Jerry Spencer had an idea after Alabama’s tough new law against illegal immigration scared Hispanic workers out of the tomato fields northeast of Birmingham: Recruit unemployed U.S. citizens to do the work, give them free transportation and pay them to pick the fruit and clean the fields.  After two weeks, Spencer said Monday, the experiment is a failure. Jobless resident Americans lack the physical stamina and the mental toughness to see the job through, he said, and there’s not much of a chance a new state program to fill the jobs will fare better."

Associated Press, Oct. 17, 2011.


  • 10-19-2011

Two weeks does not seem like a reasonable period of time to determine if individuals with the right to work "lack the physical stamina and mental toughness." Show me anyone who has not been consistently exercising that would not be challenged by manual labor; show me our soldiers who are not given time to get through boot camp? Describe "mental toughness." Are you suggesting that individuals who have previously held jobs are mentally disabled? Our farms were built on generations of resident Americans who tilled the soil to provide for us. Given the chance and reasonable patience, I cannot help but think many resident Americans would be grateful for the chance to keep their homes and feed their families.