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"Provocative and wise, Michael Olivas’s important book challenges all of us to carefully consider how our nation’s core values are reflected both in the way we educate immigrant children and treat noncitizens in our midst. Authored by one of the nation’s foremost experts on immigrant education, this definitive study will be the starting point for any informed inquiry into contemporary debates on education and immigration. It will, as well, provide many an insight into the complicated politics that surround immigration policy in our federalist system.” -
-Victor C. Romero, author of Alienated: Immigrant Rights, the Constitution, and Equality in America

“Michael Olivas is a passionate storyteller who knows the saga of Plyler v. Doe first-hand and skillfully recounts an important chapter in the history of immigration law and the Constitution.”
-Peter Schuck, co-editor of Understanding America: The Anatomy of an Exceptional Nation