Of Mastodons and Dodo Birds: Angelo Paparelli on the GOP's 'Muddled Message' on Immigration

"Apparently, ... given Ryan's decidedly anti-immigrant stance, for every undocumented person, hope begins only after self-deportation.  The GOP’s muddled message on immigration is not the way to win the Presidency or capture control of Congress.  Republicans seemingly prefer their immigration under glass, viewed from the hermetically sealed distance of generations long extinct, observed through the prism of anodyne nostalgia.  With this profoundly dumb policy (read: insensate or, demographically speaking, just plain stupid, as you prefer), will they wake up after Election Day to consider their shared fate with the party's long extinct mascot -- no, not the Mastodon, but rather the Dodo Bird?" - Angelo Paparelli, Sept. 3, 2012.