Will BSEOIMA13 Provide Enough Visas, Fast Enough?

"The gang of eight's less-skilled worker-visa proposal is well-crafted: a break-the-mold, 21st century program that's user-friendly for employers and provides ample protections for workers, foreign and American.  The problem: It's much too small – less than half the size it needs to be, perhaps less than a third.  In the early 2000s, when the economy was booming, several hundred thousand unauthorized workers entered the country every year to fill low-skilled jobs.  And if the new visa program is not ample enough, it will not succeed in replacing this illegal flow with a legal workforce." - Tamar Jacoby, Apr. 18, 2013.

"President Barack Obama and Congressional leaders assert that undocumented immigrants do not deserve the legalization standard approved in 1986.  At that time, 3 million immigrants gained legal status swiftly after showing good moral character, English proficiency, five years' presence and payment of taxes, but this is not enough today.  Instead, leaders today want to send 11 million immigrants to the back of the line, contrasting sharply with the fast lane approach of then-President Ronald Reagan, a conservative Republican.  Reagan would look like a bleeding heart liberal today.  The line of 4.3 million immigrants waiting for family visas, with 226,000 visas allotted annually, would end in 19 years.  The first undocumented immigrant would get a green card in about 2033.  Add five years required for citizenship, and the first time these immigrants would be able to vote, perform jury duty, access federal jobs, or petition for nuclear family members would be 2038 or later." - Richard Hobbs, Apr. 13, 2013.