Rep. Frederica Wilson Saves the Day!

"It was just after 9 p.m. Monday. Rep. Frederica Wilson, the Miami Democrat who hosted the forum, was floored.  “Oh my God,” she said. “Four a.m., in the morning? Why are you just telling us? We could have helped you perhaps. It’s too late.” Someone from the audience of 200 or so citizens at Haitian Evangelical Baptist Church chimed in: “It’s never too late.”  It wasn’t.  Wilson ultimately delivered, rousting an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official out of bed and getting the deportation of Rene Rivas, an undocumented immigrant and father of four, stopped with just a few hours to spare. ... “We get cases like this every day. Every day,” Wilson said.  "It’s like this is all my office does," she said. "It’s immigration. Immigration. It tops veterans’ issues. Prisons. Housing. Everything. It’s immigration.”  One reason for that is the nature of Wilson’s North Miami-Dade district. It has one of the largest populations of immigrants out of all 435 congressional districts in the nation. Wilson’s district is heavily Caribbean and Haitian.  And many turn to her, some at the last minute, when they have no where else to go. Wilson prides herself on getting results." - Miami Herald, May 14, 2013.