USCIS, America's Immigration Cutcherry, Adopts New Procedures as the Boss Readies for a Move Upstairs

"I've long admired Director Mayorkas for his sincerity, diligence, commitment, intelligence, elocution, rhetorical flourishes and wit.  He has faced his challenges from within and without, and addressed them with his resolute energy and drive, never losing sight of his oath of office and the people his agency helps and protects.  Our consolation as immigration stakeholders is that once he leaves he'll likely not forget his experiences at USCIS and with the larger community, and apply his learning and insight to address the even more daunting problems faced by the Homeland Security Department, of which immigration is only one component.  Godspeed, Ali Mayorkas.  We will miss you but never forget you." - Angelo A. Paparelli, July 7, 2013.