E-Verify's New Lock: Like it or Not, This is a Big Deal!

"The enhancement “enables USCIS to lock a SSN that appears to have been misused, protecting it from further potential misuse in E-Verify.”  What does this mean?  It means that E-Verify is actually getting better at doing what it’s supposed to do:  verify employment authorization.  Since its inception, one of the biggest weaknesses of the system has been that it cannot detect identity theft.  So long as an employee provided someone’s real data, E-Verify would return an “employment authorized” result, even if that data belonged to the person’s brother, cousin, father, my daughter, or a complete stranger.  Will that still happen?  Sure.  But not as often.  It’s not yet clear what the criteria are for locking an SSN, which is why my implants analogy is appropriate:  Will the enhancement pass as genuine, actually improving E-Verify, or will it prove to be more trouble than it’s worth, getting in everyone’s way?" - Nici Kersey, Nov. 25, 2013.

- Nici Kersey