Borderline Insanity at the Fence in Nogales

"The fence that separates Nogales, Ariz., from Nogales, Mexico, is a see-through wall of vertical steel rods 15 to 18 feet high, set four inches apart in a deep bed of concrete.  It is a rusty ribbon that runs up and down dusty hills and streets, cutting one city into two and jutting into the desert for a few miles east and west.  An impenetrable barricade it is not.  A climber with a rope can hop it in less than half a minute.  Smugglers with jackhammers tunnel under it.  They throw drugs and rocks over it.  The fence is breached not just by sunlight and shadows, but also the hooded gaze of drug-cartel lookouts, and by bullets.  As a monument to futility and legislative malpractice, however, it achieves perfection." - Lawrence Downes, Dec. 7, 2013.

The fence at the border, with a view of the houses of Nogales, Ariz. - Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times