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Growing Up American

"Mr. Obama's order will give young people who have spent their entire their lives here worried about not being "real" Americans a chance to realize their dream, and both they and the country they love will be the better for it." Baltimore Sun Editorial, Aug. 19, 2012 .

Cancellation Victory in Baltimore (False Claim, Timely Retraction)

Cancellation cases are hard enough, but when both clients (husband and wife) made false claims to U.S. citizenship? Amazing victory in the Baltimore Immigration Court by Sandra Grossman , who rocks.

FTC Wins Court Judgment Against Immigration Services Scam

"A federal court has ordered the operators of a Baltimore-based immigration services scam to pay as much as $616,000 in refunds to Spanish-speaking immigrants, who were deceived into paying the defendants for immigration services that they were not qualified or authorized to provide. The order bans...

Unpub. BIA Suppression Victory (Remand) in Baltimore

Prof. Maureen A. Sweeney writes: "I thought your readers would be interested in our recent unpublished BIA suppression victory , which rejected an IJ's reasoning that DHS was absolved from any legal repercussions of an allegedly illegal arrest simply because the arrest was carried out by state...

Baltimore Law Clinic on Front Lines of Immigration Crisis

"As the director of the University of Baltimore School of Law’s Immigrant Rights Clinic, Elizabeth Keyes has overseen case after case over the past two years involving immigrants hoping to remain in the country. But Keyes said some of the most compelling cases are those of children who...