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Suit says marriage licenses denied to undocumented immigrants

"The Southern Poverty Law Center on Wednesday filed a federal lawsuit against 55 Alabama counties, including Tuscaloosa County and others in West Alabama, alleging that they have denied undocumented immigrants marriage licenses." - Tuscaloosa News, Oct. 20, 2011 .

Judge Orders Brewer to Release Documents in AZ DREAMer License Lawsuit (link added)

"Rejecting claims of privilege, a federal judge on Wednesday ordered Gov. Jan Brewer to turn over internal documents and memos leading up to her decision to deny driver's licenses to “dreamers.” Judge David Campbell ruled that the documents are “highly relevant” to the...

Arizona's 'Dreamer' License Ban Affects U.S. Citizens

"John Roberts, a retired postal worker from Topeka, tried to use his Kansas driver’s license to apply for an Arizona driver’s license after relocating to Waddell, a community west of Phoenix. “I was told, ‘We don’t accept driver’s licenses from other states,’...