Nicholas Economidis of Beazley Group on Cyber Risk – Part 2

Nicholas Economidis handles specialty lines for Beazley Group, which includes insurance for cyber and data-related losses.  He came to the HB Litigation Conferences offices in Berwyn, Pa., to answer a series of questions relevant to any company that handles or houses data.   How has the changing nature of corporate assets changed coverage needs?  Is traditional property & casualty coverage enough?  What should risk managers be considering?  What role does fate play in the severity of a data loss or system breach? These clips offer a preview of insights that will be shared at the NetDiligence® Cyber Risk & Privacy Liability Forum set for June 7 to 8, 2010, at The Union League in Philadelphia.  Economidis is co-chairing the event, produced by HB Litigation Conferences LLC. 
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See and hear what Economidis had to say in this clip, the second of three.