Red Shoes Take a Licking but Keep on Ticking: Christian Louboutin Argues against Including Yves Saint Laurent's Exhibits in Record on Appeal

UPDATE: On August 30th, Saint-Laurent filed a redacted version of its August 1st letter brief. The redacted version can be viewed here. The original version can be viewed here.

In April, Christian Louboutin sued Yves Saint-Laurent for trademark infringement, claiming that Saint-Laurent's line of shoes infringed Louboutin's distinctive red soles. On August 10th, Judge Marrero disposed of Louboutin's motion for a preliminary injunction and, in doing so, set the stage for the cancellation of Louboutin's red shoe mark.

Judge Marrero's denial notwithstanding, Louboutin marches on.

Last week, Louboutin filed a letter brief asking Judge Marrero to redact certain exhibits offered by Saint-Laurent. Louboutin's letter comes after the parties failed to reach an agreement about which portions of Saint-Laurent's August 1st letter brief should be docketed and included in the record on appeal.

Louboutin argues that several Saint-Laurent exhibits are "not relevant to the issues on appeal." Of the challenged exhibits, the most significant is "Exhibit 2," which pertains to Louboutin's trademark registrations. Louboutin's letter reads:

View the entire letter brief filed in Christian Louboutin SA et al v. Yves Saint Laurent America, Inc et al., 1:11cv2381 (NYSD August 29, 2011)

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