Littler Mendelson’s 2012-2013 National Employer Available in eBook

The National Employer® provides human resources professionals, corporate counsel and other employment and labor law attorneys a practical and extensive guide to federal employment and labor laws. Updated annually, the publication contains recent case law and legislative developments, multi-state surveys of employment laws, practical recommendations and essential tools. Licensed exclusively to Lexis, the 2012-2013 edition is also available in eBook format for the first time.

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Here are some of the topics you will find covered inside The National Employer:

  • Class and Collective Actions
  • Contingent Workforce
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • EEO Law for Government Contractors
  • Innovative Hiring Strategies
  • Employee Privacy Rights and the Digital Workplace
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Wage and Hour Issues
  • Overview of Recent Federal Legislative Changes
  • And More!


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1-Employment Law Update
Chapter 2-Littler's Washington, D.C. Report: Federal Legislative, Executive & Regulatory Developments
Chapter 3-Employment Discrimination Law: A Basic Overview
Chapter 4-Harassment in the Workplace
Chapter 5-Disability Discrimination
Chapter 6-Religion in the Workplace
Chapter 7-50-State Survey of Wrongful Discharge Law
Chapter 8-Employment Torts: High-Risk Components of Wrongful Discharge Lawsuits
Chapter 9-Employment Law Class and Collective Actions
Chapter 10-Evaluating & Using Employer-Initiated Arbitration Policies & Agreements

Chapter 11-Hiring Strategies for the Changing American Workforce
Chapter 12-I-9 Compliance & Related Social Security Issues
Chapter 13-Effective Personnel Relations: Developing an Employee Handbook
Chapter 14-Conducting a Labor Relations Self-audit: An Outline for Examining Personnel Policies & Procedures
Chapter 15-Training Really Is the Law: The Rise of Mandatory Training
Chapter 16-Reductions in Force: Issues, Strategies and the Process for the Downsizing Employer
Chapter 17-The Labor & Employment Law Implications of Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions, Relocations & Asset Sales
Chapter 18-Bankruptcy and Employment Law Issues
Chapter 19-Employee Privacy Rights
Chapter 20-Protecting Vital Company Information: Restrictive Covenants & Trade Secrets
Chapter 21-Digital Workplace: The Use & Abuse of the Tools of the Trade

Chapter 22-Federal Compensation Law
Chapter 23-Equity Compensation
Chapter 24-The Contingent Workforce: Independent Contractors, Leased Employees & Temporary Employees
Chapter 25-Employee Benefit Plans: Pitfalls in Creating, Modifying, Administering & Terminating ERISA Plans
Chapter 26-Continuing Health Care Coverage: COBRA
Chapter 27-Leaves of Absence: Military Leave, Civic Duty Leave, The Family & Medical Leave Act & Related Parental Rights
Chapter 28-Federal-OSHA Overview
Chapter 29-Workplace Substance Abuse: An Overview of Federal & State Requirements
Chapter 30-Violence in the Workplace
Chapter 31-Union Organizing
Chapter 32-Collective Bargaining & Labor-Management Relations
Chapter 33-Employment Issues Affecting Multinational Employers
Chapter 34-Nonimmigrant Visas: Key Work Authorization Visa Categories
Chapter 35-Equal Employment Law for Government Contractors & Subcontractors

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