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McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
McNees Wallace & Nurick: The National Labor Relations Board 2011 Year in Review

An Overview of the Board's Significant Decisions and Other Actions By Bruce D. Bagley, Esq . and Adam L. Santucci, Esq. Introduction By all accounts, 2011 was a busy year for the National Labor Relations Board ("Board"). In...

Foley & Lardner LLP
Foley & Lardner Labor and Employment Law Weekly Update (Week of March 27, 2012)

California Considers Joining Small but Significant Trend Toward Prohibiting Discrimination Against Unemployed Job Applicants Written by: Jeremy Wooden The California assembly recently continued a trend of federal and state legislatures seeking...

Jon Hyman
Can We All Agree that Requiring Facebook Passwords Is a Bad Idea, and Move On?

A lot of ink has been recently spilled in both the popular media and the blawgosphere over the apparent trend of employers requiring job applicants to turn over their Facebook passwords as part of the hiring process. The coverage has been so thick and...

Philip Miles
Employers Requesting Facebook Passwords - The Backlash

Last week, a widely circulated Associated Press article, Employers Ask Job Seekers for Facebook Passwords , generated a ton of controversy. The article includes stories of job interviewers requesting Facebook, and other social network, usernames and...

Eric Meyer
Relax! Businesses Don't Want Employee Facebook Passwords

But, if you think they do -- maybe you read this article last week -- then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you , sucker. Come on! The sky isn't falling. Demanding social media access from employees and potential hires and is most definitely...

Donna Ballman
Orange-Americans Unite: Stand Up For Yourselves!

Did you hear the one about the 14 employees who were fired for wearing orange shirts ? If you didn't, you don't live in the UK or Ghana or anywhere in the U.S., because the story made the international news. I think the story hit a chord with...