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John Gallagher
Do I Have a Case for Constructive Discharge?

Many People Quit Their Jobs Every Day Roughly 48% of the currently identified unemployed actually quit their job. An unusually high number? No. That is within range the national norm for the past 5 years . Many people quit because they felt...

Jon Hyman

On last Sunday's episode of HBO's Boardwalk Empire , Chalky White, a jailed African-American bootlegger, comforted his wife with the following information about his attorney: "He a Hebrew gentleman." Lest you think that such observations...

Philip Miles
Betting on Who Will Get Fired Next - COTW #61

Some employers terminate their employees pretty often. Sometimes there are even rumors about who will get fired next. But you know what's probably not a good idea for employers? Holding a contest in which employees place $10 bets on who will get...

Margaret (Molly) DiBianca
Sample Social-Media Policy

Social-media issues faced by employers continue to change and develop. Your social-media policy (or guidelines, if you prefer), should do the same. An updated social-media policy is provided via the link below for your reference as a starting point...

Robin Shea
Employers, Don't Try to Dismiss That Lawsuit Before Its Time

Human Resources and in-house counsel, please consider this a legal "consumer report." Remember - we offer a "no legalese" guarantee, or your money back! My fellow employment lawyers, is that Rule 12(b)(6) motion really necessary...

Eric Meyer
A Little Ambiguity Creates a BIG Retaliation Headache for Employers

Retaliation claims have become the leading cause of action for employees. In fiscal year 2010, retaliation charges filed with the EEOC nationwide accounted for 36.3% of all filings, at 36,258. There are three essential elements of a retaliation claim...

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