Double Check that e-mail Message Before You Hit Send!

Since the era of electronic mail began, computer users have been inadvertently hitting the wrong buttons (i.e., "Reply to All") when sending e-mail messages, often resulting in embarrassing - or even worse - consequences.

Recently a company in Idaho paid the price for such a mistake. In 2007, Kenneth Wold applied for a job with El Centro Financial Inc. through the company's online application process. The company's CEO received the application and wrote the following response which he intended to send via inter-office e-mail, "I don't know what I think. He must be old - and just looking for something to do." Unfortunately, the CEO failed to check the address box before he hit the send button and, instead of sending this to someone else in the company, he sent it to Mr. Wold by accident. When Wold was not hired, he concluded, based upon the e-mail message from the CEO, that his age was the reason. He then filed a claim of age discrimination against the company.

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