Surviving Disasters: Business Continuity Plans

What if you couldn't gain access to your office for the next week ... or month? Sounds simplistic, but these are fundamental questions law firms must address. A range of possible disasters-from the obscure, like computer viruses, burst pipes and downed power lines, to the page-one natural (and man-made) disasters such as a bomb, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane or earthquake-can immobilize your firm, causing loss of revenue-generating clients to competitors who are prepared. The time you have to respond to a disaster ranges from only minutes to days.

Your Business Continuity plans can be ready to execute long before you need them. This paper can help. Knowing the right direction often begins with asking the right questions. To that end, this paper compiles the fundamental questions firm management must ask and answer in order to develop a successful Business Continuity plan that protects the firm's most important assets-its human capital, its revenue-generating clients and its stock in trade, i.e., it's data and intellectual capital. Written by a law-firm technology specialist with first-hand survival experience, this paper also offers valuable insights for getting the firm back into business after the disaster.

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