Legal Innovation: Make it Your Way


There is a groundswell of evolution in the Legal Industry. Some Law Schools are changing the way they  prepare students to practice law.   Many firms are altering their billing practices  to accommodate clients’ preferences. The number of available new law jobs and what new lawyers will do with their degrees is vastly different from what many of us expected when we decided to pursue a legal education and career. You may have seen articles about the changes occurring in the way we deliver legal information. Later this year, LexisNexis will launch what is currently being called “New Lexis.” Our competitors are announcing offerings such as WestLawNext, Bloomberg Law and Google Scholar.  

We want YOU to be part of our future direction. LexisNexis has launched LexisNexis myIDEAS --- a space where you can share your innovative ideas and brainstorm with the best LexisNexis has to offer.  Share your voice today!

 Stop by and see what happens!