LexisNexis® eBooks + research at lexis.com® = a powerful combination

When it comes to electronic publications, we know that you want to get "more than just the book." You want added value. As part of our continuing effort to deliver added value, LexisNexis® is working to incorporate active links from citation references in our eBooks to statutes, cases, treatises, and other materials at lexis.com®!

Many of our eBook titles have this capability, including Milgrim on Trade Secrets®, Modern Estate Planning, Appleman Law of Liability Insurance, Labor and Employment Law, and Patent Law Digest. As existing eBook titles have new releases, we'll incorporate this new feature. These enhancements are part of our focus to make the research process seamless so you have more options and faster access to supplemental materials.

  • Green links within LexisNexis eBooks will take you to the referenced case, statute section, etc. at lexis.com
  • Blue links within LexisNexis eBooks will take you to the appropriate location within the eBook titles your reading (ie: Table of Content links)

Learn more and download a sample LexisNexis eBook at www.lexisnexis.com/ebooks.

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