'Advance' Your Holiday Cheer With Lexis Advance! Must Read Holiday Cases!

Advance Your Holiday Cheer With These Lexis Cases!

When using Lexis Advance, the numerals in case law will open to footnotes such as this footnote from the Shafer case at 667 F Supp 414 which as written is intended to be sung to the holiday tune “Let It Snow.”


You can easily highlight text to cite or to use as the basis of your next search by clicking the green plus sign as shown here in the Helton case at 311 So 2d 381 where the defense counsel’s closing argument is told to “’Twas the Night Before Christmas.”


Use the “Jump to” drop down at the top right of your document result screen to move immediately to the opinion in the Ganulin case at 71 F Supp 2d 824 and see how the court incorporates Santa and the Grinch into this rhyming holiday order.


Have fun with these special cases – if you need assistance, kindly contact your local representative today. Happy researching and happy holidays!



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