In Head-To-Head Comparisons, One Information Provider Stands Taller - LexisNexis®

See how LexisNexis® Public Records can help save your firm, agency or organization hours of research time and expense

With LexisNexis® Public Records, you can achieve the seemingly impossible: Connect entities - people, businesses,

Locations - across many diverse source types, exposing imperceptible data trails within billions of facts. Find the facts

or associations that could otherwise remain hidden. Just consider the difference it can make to your case or transaction.

At® you get:

  • MORE Public Records: Over 35 billion public records
  • MORE Public Records Source Types: 18 public records sources our top competitor does not provide.
  • MORE Search, Linking and Report Capabilities: Quickly connect diverse records to a single entity even

if you have incomplete, old or misspelled information. In a single search, quickly generate a comprehensive

rolled up, easy-to-read report on a person, business or location.

This publication shows you how thorough your research results can be.

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