Green factors in choosing home include mileage!

How many miles would you need to drive to work, shopping, and other necessary places, from the home you're considering purchasing or renting? Increasingly, purchasers and renters are becoming as interested in mileage as they are in square footage. To aid in the cost-benefit analysis, remember to look at timetables and routes for nearby public transportation. (If the transportation is not within walking distance, find out if there is available parking.) And you may wish to consider the possibility of ride sharing. Steven Schoeffler, executive director and founder of, says, “With gas price uncertainty and concerns about climate change, online ride sharing has become increasingly popular.  Erideshare users find the experience extremely positive, safe, and easy to use.  With more than 20,000 commuter listings, the chance of forming a carpool match gets better every day.  Many people don’t appreciate that the per-mile cost of vehicle wear and tear is much higher than the cost of gasoline.  There are so many benefits to sharing rides—including a better sense of community, reduced vehicle expense, ease of parking, reduced traffic, and social networking.  And we all need to defend our planet.”