EAMS and "Access to Justice" Concerns

As EAMS leaps forward to train the judicial staff of each judicial office, “access to justice” concerns mount. EAMS training will occur during June, July and August. Initially, when this was announced, panic set in. If the courtrooms are off limits for three months, how will business be conducted?
Business as usual
As it turns out, although trial settings will be reduced during the summer months, no district offices will be closed. Business will continue as usual.
Two Weeks of Training
Essentially, each district office will be divided into two groups for two consecutive weeks of training. During the 1st week, while the 1st group is eagerly learning all about EAMS, the 2nd group will be back at the office meeting the needs of the community.
During the 2nd week, their roles will reverse. The 2nd group will train, while the 1st group returns to their regular office duties.
Pilot Project
By the 3rd week, the offices will be running at normal capacity again. During this period, staff members will have an opportunity to try out their new skills with actual “test” cases in the pilot segment of this process. At that point, everything should be in place to “go live” on August 25, 2008.
PJs as Problem Solvers
The Presiding Judge (PJ) at each district office will ensure that all essential office functions will continue throughout this testing and training period. If a party has a particular concern or if an emergency arises, the local PJ should be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made to address the problem.
Minimal Disruption
In fact, service disruption will be minimal by comparison to other years. Usually, the district offices close completely 2 to 3 days every 6 months for biannual staff training. During that time, no judicial proceedings are conducted at all. This year, formal WCJ training will be replaced by EAMS education. All offices will remain open for business and will continue to serve the community non-stop throughout the year.

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Colleen Casey
  • 05-31-2008

Does the DWC foresee the need for follow up training each time there are changes to EAMS functionality (i.e., upgrades (aka fixes))? I''m just wondering if this will become a yearly thing.