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Featured Blogger – Safety Services Company: What You Need to Know About Workers’ Comp

So, what is workers’ comp? And how does workers’ comp benefit both the employees and the employers? Workers’ Compensation (or workers’ comp or work comp) grants benefits and insurance of workers in the event that they get injured...

California Workers' Compensation Institute
Policy Year 2006 First Reports Show California Workers’ Comp Incurred Claim Costs Up

First report data on California workers’ compensation insured claims against policies written in 2006 show that despite a continued decline in the number of claims reported within 18 months of policy inception, total incurred loss costs rose by...

California Compensation Cases Staff
Calif. Supreme Court Conference Report 6/10/2009: Review Denied in Cavaliers Holding/Shelton, Espino, Fan, Grimaldo

The California Supreme Court has issued its Conference List through 6/10/2009. The following cases were reported in Cal. Comp. Cases: 1. Cavaliers Holding Co. v. WCAB ( Shelton ) (2009) 74 Cal. Comp. Cases 516 (writ denied), review denied 6/10/2009...

Goldman, Magdalin & Krikes, LLP
Calif. WCAB Issues En Banc Decision on Vocational Rehabilitation

The WCAB’s 6/10/09 en banc decision in the matter of Lawrence Wiener v Ralph's Grocery Company addressed head on the arguments raised by the Applicant’s Bar that vocational rehabilitation rights were not fully extinguished by the repeal...

Robin E. Kobayashi
Texas Legislature Takes On "Pill Mills"

In November 2007, reporter Stephen Dean at Local 2 Investigates uncovered the booming business of so-called "pill mills" in Houston, where carloads of people and parking lots filled with cars could easily be found. The drugs of choice are...

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Fulton's Ohio Workers' Compensation Law