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LexisNexis® Interactive Tax Forms

LexisNexis® Interactive Tax Forms allows you to access over 10,000 official Federal, State and Local tax forms as well as value added features such as:

  • IRS Publications,
  • Quick Guide references,
  • Practice Aids & Organizers
  • and a convenient Client Database.

LexisNexis Interactive Tax Forms is a definitive library of government-approved forms. With these forms, you can fill in, calculate and complete all the critical tax filings essential to your practice.

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Complements your Current Research Package
In addition, you can use the forms and their government-approved instructions to perform research on the compliance requirements of other jurisdictions and how they treat certain tax issues. It is the perfect resource for research and reference when structuring transactions, giving tax advice, opining on disclosure and reporting requirements, determining whether to go forward with administrative or adjudicative proceedings, etc. With all this information included, LexisNexis Interactive Tax Forms is the perfect complement to your research package.

Efficient and Intuitive
LexisNexis® Interactive Tax Forms provide you with many timesaving and efficient features. For streamlined access to the official instructions for each line item, simply right click on the line, and select Go To Line Instructions. You are seamlessly taken to the exact spot in the instructions corresponding with your line item. No paging through voluminous instructions again! In instances when the form instructions are not enough, users can seamlessly link back to Lexis.com to access underlying primary and analytical content.

LexisNexis® Interactive Tax Forms also provides an intelligent, easy to learn, user interface and is packed with intuitive commands. You can begin inputting data within minutes of launching the product; there is no learning curve. Type directly in the form fields and see the auto calculations appear. The calculations are built in and comply with the most current information available from the issuing government entity. In fact, currentness checks are performed each time you access the product and any updates are automatically integrated.

The possibilities are endless. And with the power of the LexisNexis® Research System available with a single mouse click, your tax research just got a lot simpler!

Contact your LexisNexis Account Representative now to find out how to get LexisNexis Interactive Tax Forms added to your lexis.com subscription.

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