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27 July 2016 10:55am

Legal Service Provider NightOwl Discovery Reduces Data Processing by 85 Percent with Early Data Analyzer from LexisNexis

Considering the enormous responsibilities entrusted to them by their corporate and law firm clients, NightOwl Discovery demands the best, most advanced technology for every phase of the discovery process.

In order to offer clients flexible, highly accurate rapid processing services, NightOwl required a solution that could keep up with the vast amounts of incoming data processing requests. Their goal was to find an application that would leave a smaller footprint on high-performing servers, enabling NightOwl to provide information on data sets to clients as quickly as possible.

After an extensive evaluation, the company selected Early Data Analyzer® from LexisNexis®.

“In decisions on technologies, performance is the primary driver every time,” said Discovery Services Director Dean Anderson. “Compared with similar tools, the Early DataAnalyzer solution was very flexible and easy to scale. We started off with a small EDA footprint, and as we doubled and then tripled our throughput, we were easily able to expand the application to meet our needs.

“In a case with 90 million records, we’ve reduced our document review corpus by 85% using Early Data Analyzer’s document culling workflows.”

Besides the sheer number of documents able to be filtered out with Early Data Analyzer, Anderson cites the amount of internal server space they save as the single greatest advantage the organization has gained. “We’re not needing to store multiple redundant copies of data, which is meaningful.”

Data gets loaded into Early Data Analyzer, which pushes only relevant information into LAW®. Those files are then shared from the LAW directories into NightOwl’s review platform.

“Being able to leave behind duplicative or unneeded data in that single-source copy, without making secondary expanded copies, has really helped to streamline storage requirements.“

“Early Data Analyzer is one of the best bangs for the buck in the ECA world.”

Anderson and his team knew that any new technology would have to prove itself beyond cost and efficiency considerations. It was also important for the company to avoid taking valuable time away from client work to learn a new system and train users.

“We launched new Early Data Analyzer servers in a matter of hours. After only one or two sessions with the LexisNexis team, we were able to develop new workflows and document our process before quickly moving on to training our technicians,” said Anderson. “The interface is very clean, and it’s easy to deploy and use. On average we have been able to train new users in the system in less than 45 minutes. The entire process only took about a month, with final install into our production environment occurring in less than a week.”

NightOwl has found the system simple to scale, enabling them to meet client needs with Early Data Analyzer and LAW together regardless of data volume and other variables. “We’ve been a long-time partner with LexisNexis LAW. While other systems have complicated certain processes, LAW’s transparency continues to offer high level quality validation processes which facilitate the discovery process,” said Anderson. “Early Data Analyzer is a great accompaniment to the LAW suite, and everything is very easy to understand.”

Client Snapshot

Customer Profile: NightOwl Discovery is a legal service provider focused on helping corporations reach their discovery management goals. They offer services spanning the litigation
and case portfolio spectrum, including information lifecycle governance and data remediation.

Business Situation: NightOwl required a document culling and filtering solution that could keep up with the vast amounts of data they were processing for their corporate and law firm clients.

Solution: After conducting the proof of concept process with the company’s IT Director and a Senior Discovery Technician, Discovery Services Director Dean Anderson and the NightOwl team chose Early Data Analyzer® from LexisNexis®. “In all these decisions on technologies, cost is a huge factor,” said Anderson. “The Early Data Analyzer solution is inexpensive compared to similar tools, and it’s also really easy to scale.” The company’s savings continue in reduced server demand: “The single greatest asset we have is the internal server space we have been saving with Early Data Analyzer. In a case
with 90 million records, we’ve reduced our document review corpus by 85% using Early Data Analzer’s document culling workflows.”

Product Summary: Early Data Analyzer from LexisNexis helps reduce the size of the data set in a litigation case by as much as 90 percent. By filtering out irrelevant or duplicative documents in the prediscovery phase, law firms, legal departments and legal service providers can avoid the costly and time-consuming production of extraneous documents, while getting to the essential story of every case faster. Early Data Analyzer also maintains a log of every action so every move is documented and defensible.

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