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Lexis DiscoveryIQ

The new Lexis® DiscoveryIQ platform challenges conventional workflow by re-thinking the role of early case assessment and providing powerful analytics throughout the eDiscovery process. This provides earlier insight into litigation data, drives better litigation strategies and reduces the overall costs of litigation, or potentially litigious cases.

Early Data Analyzer

Early Data Analyzer enables high-volume early eDiscovery processing, which can eliminate up to 80% of non-relevant data, so you can quickly identify if a case is worth pursuing - online, and in real-time.

LAW PreDiscovery

LAW PreDiscovery is an imaging production software that culls non-relevant eDiscovery documents. It imports and exports an extensive range of data sets and easily spot fixes native image generation errors.

Concordance Desktop

Concordance Desktop is a legal review software that helps attorneys organize multiple cases, review case documents faster, and more easily collaborate with others.

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