Concordance Evolution

Fast search, review and results

Industry-leading performance in loading and producing data— an attribute not available with competing enterprise software.

Bring on your big data cases

The ability to handle any size dataset—a leading request and key decision-making factor.

The easier way to manage complex cases

Save hours of work and review more data sooner in comparison to work processes of traditional products.

Exceptional capacity and efficiency

Concordance Evolution allows you to manage smaller cases as well as large, complex litigation without sacrificing efficiency.

Terabytes of data. Tens of millions of pages to review. No problem.

Concordance Evolution is intended for large, complex litigation matters, or multi district cases. Featuring a browser-based review engine that’s blazingly fast and easy to use, it handles e-discovery management for cases of any size, and is specifically designed for large-scale, complex litigation.

Your case may have mysteries and complications. Your software shouldn’t.

With Concordance Evolution, you can easily conduct queries, browse and tag documents, view production sets, conduct bulk reviews and more.

Near-duplicate analysis is built in. This helps you speed e-discovery, organize the distribution of documents for review, ensure consistency during production, and reduce costs related to hosting, review and more.

You also have the benefit of importing data directly from LAW PreDiscovery software—including fields and tags—and pointing to the native files in LAW PreDiscovery ... no need to create separate copies of files, set up fields from scratch or recreate tags in Concordance Evolution.

LAW PreDiscovery, now integrated with Concordance Evolution

  • You no longer need to export data from LAW PreDiscovery software before loading it into Concordance Evolution. And you can reduce the need to store documents in multiple places. 
  • Streamline your process: Directly read LAW PreDiscovery files (SQL tables) from within Concordance Evolution. 
  • Save time: Import LAW PreDiscovery cases and automatically bring in all fields and tags, eliminating the need to set up fields again in Concordance Evolution. 
  • Reduce your risk of errors: Link to native, text and image files in LAW PreDiscovery from Concordance Evolution so you aren’t creating duplicate copies.
  • Save space: Concordance Evolution now shares file directories with LAW PreDiscovery— no need to store multiple versions of the same file!

Concordance Evolution - Now with even more speed.

For administrators

  • Importing load files: 350 GB or 7 million documents per 24 hours
  • Production: 5 million pages per 24 hours

For reviewers

  • Document-to-document browsing: Browse to the next document
 within 1 – 2 seconds
  • Tagging: Tag 50 documents in 2 seconds
  • Searching: Return results on complex searches within 4 seconds
Concordance Evolution in
5 Minutes

Concordance Evolution - the utmost in flexibility

  • Installed Concordance software stays behind your firewall, along with discovery data, to give you direct control.
  • Host your software and case data in a state-of-the-art, environment—enterprise or on-demand.

Concordance Evolution
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