LAW PreDiscovery

Hundreds of file types for importing/exporting

Export directly to Concordance software and other leading document review platforms in a wide range of formats.

Ready with additional processing speed

Handle even the largest imaging, endorsing, OCR, or print jobs by just adding additional workstations.

Flexibility to work with nearly every file format

Identify and extract content from over 2,000 file types, scan documents from 100+ scanners, and produce printed or digital output.

Powerful production capabilities

LexisNexis® LAW PreDiscovery® leads the way in document production, including the most flexible imaging and endorsing capabilities.

Produce eDiscovery data with confidence

Rely on the trusted eDiscovery tool to ensure you can process all discovery data—paper and electronic—while providing the most flexibility in production and export to review.

LAW PreDiscovery software works as an all-in-one “eDiscovery engine” to scan, import, and produce all of the potential evidentiary documents needed during legal discovery.

Tackle the largest imaging, endorsing, OCR, or printing jobs by distributing production jobs across multiple workstations.

Eliminate duplicate, irrelevant and non-responsive files—and then process only the essential data prior to costly document review.

Crunch the numbers with the ROI Calculator and see for yourself how much you can save by bringing more eDiscovery back in-house.

What's New in LAW PreDiscovery 6.9

  • Custom Placeholders -- Create, save, and edit multiple custom placeholders, and apply them to documents in your case individually or by file type for a more streamlined workflow.
  • Analytics Enhancements -- A new "Indent" field is available for Email Thread data to better display in your supported review tools. Additionally, the Analytics utility has been enhanced to allow email threading and near duplicate analysis to run independently of each other.

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Evidence Management: Bringing it All Together

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We are redefining eDiscovery, and you have the opportunity to get the new Lexis DiscoveryIQ platform early. By implementing Early Data Analyzer® and LAW PreDiscovery, the first two of three technologies in the DiscoveryIQ platform, you give yourself a head start. Lexis DiscoveryIQ with Brainspace analytics arrives March 31. Take the first step to get this new standard in eDiscovery technology. Call your Account Manager or fill out the form below to learn about getting a head start with LAW PreDiscovery and Early Data Analyzer from LexisNexis.

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