Plan & Present Your Case

A Mountain of Evidence

As a litigator, you have information coming from a variety of sources - issues, documents, characters, research, and more. What is the best way to a) get a handle on it, and b) package it in such a way so it persuades a jury?

Many Different Sources of Evidence

First, organize it all! It's simple - whenever you come across an important fact, just right click to send it to CaseMap. (PDFs, Microsoft® Word, Outlook,® and more are supported.) Now, the search, reporting and interface tools in CaseMap help you tie together the facts, issues and evidence, and see connections you might otherwise miss.

The Facts Are In - Now Take Action

CaseMap displays your data visually and spatially, so evidence connections others can overlook are easy to spot. Also, CaseMap helps teams of all sizes gain collaboration and insight, thanks to its ability to host data on a central server

Get the Jury on the Edge of Their Seat

With all your data in CaseMap, designing a dramatic jury presentation is simple. With it's effortless built-in integration with Sanction, our presentation program, you can create dramatic zooms, text tear-outs, powerful side-by-side comparisons and more. You can pull up any piece of evidence on the fly—at any point during your presentation.

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