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Codification Services

The LexisNexis® Municipal Codes experts will help you develop a code of ordinances that is practical, modern, and easy to supplement. As a result, you'll find your current legislation quickly and easily than ever before.


The expert codification professionals will review, organize, and carefully edit your ordinances to create for you a code book that is modern, reliable, and easy to maintain. Plus, you'll be amazed by the convenience of having your current laws at your fingertips.

We will work closely with you to identify outdated terms, provisions, fees, and penalties. We will advise you whenever there is a conflict between your Charter and ordinances or between state statutes and case law.

Our legal editors will prepare your code based on your choice of several different page styles and provide it to you in heavy-duty loose-leaf binders. Plus, your code will be stored in our database for easier future supplementation.

You may also choose to receive your code in one of our available electronic formats (see CodeMaster, CodeOnline, or Web).


Initial codification services

Once our legal editors complete the initial review of your code's provisions to your satisfaction (see Ordinance Analysis & Report), we will:

  • Organize your ordinances by subject
  • Incorporate all amendments, repeals, and new enactments into their proper places in the code
  • Include detailed ordinance history notes
  • Assign an expandable numbering system
  • List relevant state statutes
  • Create a disposition table showing the location of ordinances in the code
  • Edit for style and consistency
  • Prepare a comprehensive index for easy access

Loose-leaf supplements

Count on our Supplement Service to provide you with ongoing code updates at minimal cost and provide you with a full complement of maintenance services, including:

Integrating your legislative changes into the proper places in the code text

  • Updating your tables of contents, indexes, and history notes
  • Reprinting the affected pages and sending you a set of supplements for each copy of your code, along with insertion instructions
  • Matching all new pages to your current code style for a neat, uniform, and consistent appearance

You can choose to update your code according to your schedule – annually, semi-annually, quarterly or "as-needed." We'll even send you a friendly reminder when your code is due for supplementation.

Comprehensive indexing

One hallmark of a truly useful code is the amount of time it takes to find vital information. When LexisNexis prepares your index, we will use the terminology that you use in your ordinances, cross-referenced to common synonyms. As a result, we will produce the most practical, reliable, and easy-to-use indexes you'll find in the business. In addition, our indexes are specifically designed to remain accurate even after the code is supplemented.



Pricing for your printed and electronic code and supplements is determined by contract. Please contact your LexisNexis Representative for more information.

Call toll-free 1-866-501-5155 or email us at codify@lexisnexis.com.

Your code and supplements will be available in your choice of the following formats:

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