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Code Conversion

Reduce unnecessary bulk and change your page size and format with Code Conversion services from the expert legal editors at LexisNexis®. This inexpensive "facelift" will modernize the appearance and improve the readability of your municipal code.


Improve the look and usability of your code

The expert legal editors for Code Conversion services from LexisNexis can scan or re-set the text of your current code in a new page size, page style, and/or format. This will give your code a cleaner, more modern look that is also easier to read. Many communities have chosen to convert their old codes to universal standard 8½" x 11" pages for greater convenience and to accommodate more information on each page.

We can convert your code as a stand-alone service, or incorporate a supplement for you at the same time. Once your code is reformatted, we can provide you with new copies in any quantity, in both print and electronic format (see CodeOnline).


The expert legal editors at LexisNexis® can help you upgrade the appearance and usability of your code by:

  • Converting your code to an easier-to-read page style and format
  • Changing to a more universally accepted and convenient page size (e.g., 8½" x 11")


Pricing for your printed and electronic code and supplements is determined by contract. Please contact your LexisNexis® Representative for more information. Call toll-free 1-866-501-5155 or email us at codify@lexisnexis.com.
Your code and supplements will be available in your choice of the following formats:

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