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Total Code Management™ (TCM®)

Total Code Management™ (TCM®) handles the storage, distribution, and sale of your code. You maintain complete control over your code’s content, editorial style, and supplement schedule, while freeing your staff from routine activities such as invoicing orders and inserting and removing supplements.


With today’s increasing emphasis productivity, the publishing, storage, distribution, and selling of codes can be a distracting diversion.

Total Code Management™  (TCM®) through LexisNexis® Municipal Codes is your key to maintaining complete control over your code’s content, editorial style, design, and supplement schedule.

Our customer service professionals free up your staff by taking responsibility for distributing and billing your code in a timely manner to each party that requests it. TCM® expertly handles these aspects of code management for you:

  • Distributing new codes or supplement packets
  • Locating missing pages
  • Fielding questions about the availability of your code
  • Inserting and removing supplements
  • Budgeting for the cost of revising your entire code
  • Invoicing orders


Select the code management services that work for you

Every major city and county has its own distinctive code management needs. That’s why TCM® offers you a wide range of services to choose from, including:

  • Complete legal analysis of existing code and laws
  • Publication of new code, with new page style and format
  • Publication of code supplements to existing specifications
  • Distribution of codes to city or county departments
  • Marketing and distributing codes to other sources
  • Publication of your code on the Internet
  • Search and retrieval software for your code

You’ll be in great company with TCM®

These cities and counties are currently using LexisNexis Total Code Management™ to distribute codes and control costs:

Los Angeles County, California

Las Vegas, Nevada

Clark County, Nevada

St. Louis, Missouri

Columbus, Ohio

Oakland, California

Annapolis, Maryland

El Paso, Texas

Alameda County, California

El Monte, California

Placer County, California

Riverside County, California

San Joaquin County, California

Santa Barbara County, California

Kern County, California

Sonoma County, California

Maui County, Hawaii

Hawaii County, Hawaii


For information on pricing and subscription options for Total Code Management™, please call us toll-free at 1-866-501-5155 or email us at codify@lexisnexis.com.

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