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Ordinance Analysis and Report

Prevent costly legal challenges and save untold hours of tedious research by subscribing to Ordinance Analysis and Report. The LexisNexis® staff of experienced attorneys will examine every provision of your code to uncover potential problems and discrepancies in your Charter, ordinances, and/or existing code.


As an Ordinance Analysis and Report subscriber, you'll enjoy the confidence that you're protected from costly legal challenges because the highly experienced professional staff from LexisNexis is performing comprehensive legal analysis to identify potential problems and discrepancies in your Charter, ordinances, or code. Plus, your staff will save countless hours of tedious research.

When our analysis is complete, you'll receive a clearly written report outlining our attorney's findings and their specific recommendations for changes you may wish to consider.


The report you will receive as a Ordinance Analysis and Report subscriber provides detailed analysis of your local provisions, citing potential problems including:

  • Conflicts with federal and state case law
  • Compliance with state statutes
  • Duplications, omissions, and outdated terminology
  • Outdated fees and fines
  • Proper enactment

In addition, this report offers our experts' recommendations for changes that will protect you from costly legal challenges.


Pricing for Ordinance Analysis and Report is determined by contract. Please contact your LexisNexis Representative for more information. Call toll-free 1-866-501-5155 or email us at codify@lexisnexis.com.

Ordinance Analysis and Report is personalized for your city or county and available in print format in an attractive loose-leaf binder.

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