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  1. Lexis® Advance for Solos

Lexis® for Microsoft® Office

Introducing the integration of LexisNexis® content, open Web search and Microsoft® Office. This groundbreaking new product puts the content and tools you need right where you use them every day.

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Find out how Lexis® for Microsoft® Office can help you work smarter by giving you faster and more efficient access to the relevant information you need.

The results you need, one click away

Now you can get immediate access to LexisNexis® content while you work within the applications you use every day – Microsoft® Word, Outlook® and SharePoint®. Less time spent switching between applications translates into more time doing your job more effectively.

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Background at your fingertips

Provides links to related LexisNexis content, including Shepard’s® Citations, relevant information regarding people or companies, legal terms and more.

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One click for relevant content

Links to information from LexisNexis that is relevant or related to items within the text.

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Unified search

A single search delivers access to LexisNexis legal content, the open Web and your internal company information database.

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Instant Shepard’s indicators

Identify all Shepard’s Signal™ indicators and citations instantly within your document so you know if the law is current.

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Cases for quick review

Create a virtual stack of all cases cited in your document for quick research and review.

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One click away

View information about companies, people and terms of art in one click.

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Insights in your email

Relevant information from firm documents, the Web and LexisNexis are surfaced without leaving the email window.

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Relevant content links

Provides links to related LexisNexis content, including Shepard’s® Citation, relevant information regarding people or companies, legal terms and more.

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Share with the team

SharePoint has efficient communication tools that allow you to work better together.

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Quick access to documents

All the relevant documents related to the matter at hand.

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Quick calendar

The Case Calendar gives you all the Active Matter-related events that pertain to what you’re working on.

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One-click access

A single click brings up all of your Active Matter dashboards within your SharePoint information hub and collaboration space.

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