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New Sources

> What's New on Nexis > 2007 > New Sources

New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Service — May 2007

Carbon Control News
This weekly report provides exclusive reporting on federal and state efforts to regulate and control greenhouse gases and examines how "green" science & technology is having a large impact on industry, particularly the energy and manufacturing sectors.

Hearst Communications, Inc
This collection of consumer-oriented magazines focuses on topics ranging from men's and women's issues to personal finance and investing matters. These titles add to our strong collection of consumer magazines, including Vanity Fair, Allure, Vogue, Cosmo, Esquire and Teen Vogue.

ProQuest — Phase 1
This set of titles provides multiple regional and international news sources as well as niche industry publications.

International Content

Centre for Asia Private Equity Research Ltd
The following publications provide in depth reporting of analysis, data, perspectives, case studies and industry news regarding the private equity/venture capital market in Asia.

HDC Media Publications
These 4 new German language publications provide expert, up-to-date business news and financial information along with topics such as taxation and legal perspectives, feature interviews and reports with sales and marketing experts.

Independent News and Media Limited — South Africa
These titles from Independent News are a collection of daily and weekly South African newspapers that are published in the major populated centers of the country. They cover topics that range from national and international politics to culture, travel and music.

Le Journal des Finances.fr
This key weekly magazine provides investors with the financial news of the week, interviews, investigations, financial and sector-based studies, graphical analysis, and detailed purchase advice based on calculations, predictions of the editorial staff and the trend of share prices on the French Stock Exchange.

The following French language publications focus on environmental news and investigations and are intended for research and technical directors, engineers, decision-makers, politicians, corporate communication, business researcher, financial services analyst, etc.

Notimex (Mexico) and SUN (Mexico)
These Spanish-language publications specialize in daily and archival content covering Latin American issues such as politics, business, education, social issues, travel, sports, entertainment and international events affecting Mexico.

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