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New Sources

> What's New on Nexis > 2007 > New Sources

New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Service — October 2007

Additional Advance Publications
These three new Advance Publication titles add to the wide collection of regional newspapers available on LexisNexis and include:

Global Corporate Annual Reports in PDF format now available!
Global Reports adds significant depth to the financial content available on LexisNexis, providing annual reports, interims, IPOs and Corporate & Social Responsibility Reports from around the world (over 26,000 companies from 100 countries).

Vibe & Vixen Magazines
Vibe Magazine chronicles the celebrities, sounds, fashion, lifestyle, new media and business of urban music.

Vibe Vixen is the first magazine exclusively for trendsetting women whose love for urban and hip-hop music and culture inspires their choices in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

18 New Photo Publishers Added
LexisNexis adds 18 new photo publishers' collections to the photo library available on the LexisNexis services. These new photo publishers come to LexisNexis via Newscom.

182 New Blogs Added to the LexisNexis service
LexisNexis has added 180+ new blogs over the past month to the LexisNexis services through our blog content provider, Newstex.

International Content

Changes to the Availability of the Financial Times
FT announced on October 1, 2007 that from April 1, 2008, it will implement a new licensing model for organizations (other than individuals and academic institutions) that wish to have digital access to FT content. Such organizations will need to subscribe to an FT content license which will enable them to access Financial Times content via a third party channel such as LexisNexis. The new FT Content License requires customers who wish to continue to access Financial Times content to pay the FT a separate additional amount for that content. Customers who do not enter into a FT Content License by April 1, 2008 will not have access to FT Content via a third party channel after that date.

In response to The Financial Times announcement, LexisNexis and the FT have reached an interim agreement to enable existing subscribers of the LexisNexis services to continue to access Financial Times content during a migration period.

LexisNexis customers with a current contract on December 31, 2007, with a renewal date after April 1, 2008, may qualify for a "Bridge Offer", subject to agreement with LexisNexis. Customers should contact their account manager to determine eligibility. Those customers who are eligible will need to subscribe to the FT directly to continue to receive FT content from April 1, 2008 going forward and will be exempt from paying fees to the FT until the earlier of the renewal of their LexisNexis contract or January 2009. Further details of this transition arrangement can be found at http://www.ft.com/corporate.

The FT and LexisNexis are in discussions about enabling access to new customers as well as ongoing access for those existing customers outside of the "bridge offer".

EFE Spanish Newswire
EFE is not only the leading Spanish language news agency, it's also the fourth largest news agency in the world. This new content feed adds 28 regional and topical wire feeds from EFE covering Spain and Latin America to the LexisNexis services.

Friesch Dagblad
Friesch Dagblad, is a new regional publication in the LexisNexis collection of Dutch language newspapers.

Additional Publications from M2
With the release of the four following publications from M2, LexisNexis extends its coverage of the global automotive industry, international events, the global banking and insurance sectors and events affecting the travel industry:

New Dutch Publication
DAG is a new, free newspaper that enhances the international news collection of the LexisNexis service. DAG is the paper edition of a multimedia platform, published by Dagmedia BV (a joint venture of KPN and PCM Uitgevers).

New Swiss Publications
LexisNexis has now added AWP Premium Swiss News - the leading source of information for financial professionals in Switzerland and Europe. Titles include:

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Note: Availability of libraries is determined by your agreement with LexisNexis. You may not be able to access all of the material described in this communication.

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