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New Sources

> What's New on Nexis > 2009 > New Sources

New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Services

July-September 2009

American Medical News, a weekly publication is the newspaper for America's physicians and is now available on LexisNexis. Issues covered include Government & Medicine, Professional Issues, Business Editorials, Health & Science making it easy for the practitioner to get the news they need. Also on the medical front, LexisNexis announces 11 new titles from Elsevier Science Medical Newspapers. Other medical materials include the National Medical Malpractice Review & Analysis, published by Jury Verdict Review Publications, publishers of professional publications for attorneys and physicians for over 26 years. These sources add to the growing presence of healthcare and STM content on the LexisNexis services.

New business and finance content is now available on LexisNexis with the addition of three Fox business shows including Cavuto, Fox Business Happy Hour and Money for Breakfast. In Cavuto, Neil Cavuto anchor and managing editor at FOX Business Network covers business news stories of the day and provides analysis on the stock market. Fox Business Happy Hour features Cody Willard and Rebecca Gomez and in Money for Breakfast Alex Glick has the day's top business stories and analysis of how they'll impact the markets. Additional business content now available on LexisNexis, The Washington Examiner.

For senior insurance executives, Insurance Networking News is a trusted source for information on how technology is being implemented to support insurers' strategic business objectives, providing insightful analysis and case studies on how technology is being innovatively utilized to automate critical processes.

Regional newspapers provide relevant information and insight into their local areas (often not covered in other news sources) and LexisNexis has added 14 sources from Iliffe News and Media Ltd. expanding coverage in the UK regions of Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

In other UK publications, LexisNexis adds Future News - Media Planner. Media Planner is the most advanced forward planning product available specifically designed for clients in the PR and Communications sector. It provides simple and straightforward access to a comprehensive range of over 250,000 continually refreshed forward events and news items. The content spans current affairs, entertainment, lifestyle, business and financial services and is organized into 100+ logical categories to enable relevant material to be identified quickly.

Covering Europe and the United Kingdom, Investment & Pensions Europe is a monthly magazine targeting those responsible for running pension funds in Europe. IPE has an influential position within the European institutional investor marketplace. Readership is significant among insurance companies, investment managers and other investors, including private banks, family offices, investment and pension consultants, foundations and charities.

Of interest to the Banking & Finance world, Infrastructure Investor is dedicated to infrastructure as an alternative asset class. It covers the people, the deals, the funds and the banks that are defining the new infrastructure.

For the transportation industry, the addition of Nieuwsblad Transport from NT Publishers added high quality content. A Dutch language weekly magazine, Transport news covers the industry including maritime, harbors, road, air, inland, and rail. Transport provides great added value in the LexisNexis content offering in maritime and transport sectors. Seven new releases from De Lloyd further add to the LexisNexis content offering specifically targeting senior transportation industry management and executives. Although originally focused on the shipping industry, today the editorial content covers all modes of transportation in the international transport industry.

In the world of travel hospitality and tourism, from Relaxnews, LexisNexis rolls out both the French and English versions of this publication. Relaxnews is the first French press agency dedicated to leisure. It publishes around 80 releases per day that follow around 60,000 events dedicated to leisure activities.

From All Data Processing Ltd, LexisNexis adds 4 company news sources covering North and East Europe. Titles include ADP News Ukraine, ADP News Netherlands, ADP News Nordic and ADP News Renewable Energy Track. These titles expand LexisNexis business information in the Ukraine, Netherlands and Scandinavian regions.

Two new publications from Business Day Media Ltd. greatly increase LexisNexis coverage in Nigeria. Business Day is Nigeria's most influential and respected daily business newspaper, offering incisive coverage of business, politics, labor and other current affairs. Business Day Weekend continues the coverage targeted at a niche audience of high achievers of Nigerian business.

From ProQuest Information and Learning Company, LexisNexis announces the rollout of 46 new publications. ProQuest provides consistent and targeted updates from various domestic and international publishers, allowing researchers to discover areas of growth, identify industry threats, and to perform in-depth market analysis.

Note: Access to, and availability of, libraries is determined by your agreement with LexisNexis. You may not be able to access all of the material described in this communication.

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