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New Sources

> What's New on Nexis > 2009 > New Sources

New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Services

October-December 2009

Discover America's Story, focuses on small-town, rural, and "LOCAL" articles and reports on what is happening in-town and in-county while providing a local point of view on bigger issues such as state, regional, national politics and world affairs. The product is rich with articles relevant to geographic locations often under-reported or overlooked by mainstream news coverage such as natural resources, agriculture, land use, water rights and farming.

The Guide to International Legal Research is an authoritative and comprehensive reference tool for law students and practitioners. Authored annually by The George Washington International Law Review, the Guide is designed to assist both novices and professionals with their international legal research.

In the area of healthcare, The Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (JAAPA) supports the ongoing education and advancement of Physician Assistants. This is achieved by publishing current information and research on clinical, health policy and professional issues. Additional US medical materials include The American Journal of Hematology/Oncology (AJHO) providing practicing cancer clinicians with necessary information to afford their patients the best care.

Further expanding healthcare coverage, LexisNexis released six new titles from Haymarket Media GmbH. McKnights Long-Term Care News is a business news magazine serving the institutional long-term care field. It reports on events affecting the delivery of care across the entire long term care spectrum, ranging from lower acuity assisted living to the high acuity skilled nursing setting. McKnight's Assisted Living presents articles and departments that offer assisted living managers strategies to improve operations, based on the regulatory and business changes occurring in the marketplace. Clinical Advisor is a monthly journal for nurse practitioners and Physician Assistants in primary care. Renal & Urology News reports news and scientific developments to nephrologists (kidney experts) and urologists. Oncology Nursing News (ONN) serves nurses in the area of oncology. Medical Marketing & Media (MMM) offers information and guidance to executives dedicated to the promotion and commercialization of prescription drugs and other medical products and services.

Covering the UK and Europe, 10 new publications from Emap Ltd examine various industries. Broadcast offers the up-to-the-minute industry news, from the most experienced and authoritative voices in the broadcast industry. Construction News keeps construction professionals up-to-date with the issues affecting the future of their industry. Armed with analysis and factual detail, professionals can make key business decisions with confidence. New Civil Engineer is the weekly magazine for UK civil engineering industry. Readers look to New Civil Engineer primarily for news, analysis and technical information on civil engineering advances and problems, both in the UK and abroad. Screen International is the voice of the international film industry. It is a trusted source for news, analysis and industry data, from the most experienced and authoritative voices in the international film market. The Architects Journal is the UK's best-selling weekly architecture resource utilized by architects, associates, students, academics and structural engineers. Drapers provides the fashion industry's inside-track on the news, trends, and views that are shaping the sector. Local Government Chronicle is the leading resource for local government professionals in the United Kingdom with more exclusive news, incisive articles, in-depth analysis of individual councils and local government figures, and essential events, than any other brand in this field. Health Service Journal is the UK's leading source of news and information on health management and policy. Targeted at healthcare professionals whose expertise ranges from primary care commissioning to mental health, from policy-making to the front line, HSJ is an unrivalled source of news, analysis and opinion. As the UK's leading, independent resource for nurses, Nursing Times is the professions most significant media brand. Retail Week is the UK's leading provider of retail industry news, key retail market reports and data, from across the entire retail sector.

Also in the UK, from Haymarket Media GmbH, DMNews is a trade publication covering the direct, interactive, and database marketing businesses.

Broadening coverage in the UK are four new publications from Incisive Media Limited focused on insurance brokers and investment. Professional Broking is the monthly management magazine for insurance brokers. It aims to deliver 'Business Intelligence for Broker Managers', by focusing on topics such as the tax implications of green strategies, reviewing the latest employee benefits, and assessing wider economic and business issues. Insurance Age is the must-read magazine for the UK insurance broking community and is the largest circulating monthly magazine for UK insurance brokers. Each month the magazine provides practical and career-relevant news and analysis, product reviews and sector comments designed to help readers stay ahead of the competition Professional Adviser is the weekly investment magazine for advisers that want to develop their business and deliver the best possible value to their clients. It provides investment news, financial planning and vital analysis for advisers. The premier publication for the investment industry, Investment Week is the weekly magazine for top-tier investment professionals in the UK. Launched in 1995 as Incisive Media's flagship title, Investment Week provides information and inspiration that has enabled the title to win 22 awards in 12 years.

Further complementing LexisNexis financial, corporate and legal coverage, the London Stock Exchange – Board Membership provides information on the board membership of all UK, Irish and FTSE® All Share foreign incorporated companies with a UK listing, as well as all AIM companies.

From Germany, two new publications from Ullstein GmbH focus on Berlin activities and developments. BM online is the online service of Berliner Morgenpost, one of the most important publications in the German capital. Welt kompakt is a publication dedicated to those readers, who wish to get fast, high quality information. Welt kompakt's readers are mostly young, well-educated and affluent.

Five new titles from Axel Springer GmbH further expand German coverage. Die ZEIT (inkclusive ZEIT Magazin) offers a great variety of subjects. It mainly focuses on politics and business; however all other topics significant in Germany are presented as well: culture and science, medicine, society and education, travelling, lifestyle and sports. ZEIT-online is the online news platform of weekly newspaper Die ZEIT. ZEIT Wissen the science magazine of Die ZEIT combines the proven attributes of the ZEIT brand - serious journalism, reliable information, in-depth research - with exciting, high-quality photo journalism. ZEIT CAMPUS is the premier medium for the young elite and combines the strengths of DIE ZEIT with an unconventional and dynamic approach. ZEIT Geschichte is the History Magazine of Die ZEIT. When history becomes relevant, a new issue of ZEIT GESCHICHTE is published focusing on a single historical event, presenting it in a sophisticated but comprehensible way using exclusive texts and the best articles from Die Zeit. Additional expansion of German coverage is provided by inclusion of WELT ONLINE (DEUTSCH) from Axel Springer AG. WELT ONLINE is a German news portal with one of the highest levels of reach and broadest ranges of content.

From Finland, two new publications. Kauppalehti Oy and Kauppalehti, focusing on business, management and economics are the major market news providers for Finnish markets.

Delivering daily information from a range of Latin American countries, Esmerk Limited provides concise English-language summaries on key business issues abstracted from thousands of local language sources. New to the LexisNexis services are nineteen publications including Esmerk Argentina News, Esmerk Bolivia News, Esmerk Brazil News, Esmerk Caribbean News, Esmerk Chile News, Esmerk Colombia News, Esmerk Costa Rica News, Esmerk Ecuador News, Esmerk El Salvador, Esmerk Guatemala News, Esmerk Honduras News, Esmerk LatAm Regional News, Esmerk Mexico News, Esmerk Nicaragua News, Esmerk Panama News, Esmerk Paraguay News, Esmerk Peru News, Esmerk Uruguay News and Esmerk Venezuela News.

The addition of fifteen publications from HT Media Ltd adds to the LexisNexis coverage in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Asia. Seven of the publications are from India, including the Bharat Observer, an internet newspaper. IPR's objective is to provide access to the information and services of the Indian Government at all levels -- from Central to the State Government, from the District Administration to the Panchayats. IPR aggregate more than 5000 distinct Indian Government websites and furnishing customized rich content, authentic and comprehensive information online presented in an unique manner. Kuknalim provides information about the Naga people including a list of tribes, and tourist information on Nagaland. Medianama covers the evolution of the digital media business in India, providing news and opinion on new launches, mergers & acquisitions, venture capital funding, industry research, joint ventures and other business developments related to internet and mobile communities. North East Daily is a news service providing North East India's news and analysis. pluGGd.in profiles and reviews Indian technology startups and is at the center stage of events that are shaping India. Tehelka is a community effort serving the interest of North East India's people.

From HT Media Ltd, The Friday Times is Pakistan's most read English weekly magazine. It publishes weekly from Lahore and has acquired vast readership of opinion making circles in Pakistan with its deep analysis and features Daily Times (PK) is one of largest national dailies of Pakistan with simultaneous publication in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Its liberal and independent policy has given it a unique position in Pakistani media. Daily the Pak Banker is world's second and Pakistan's first banking daily simultaneously published from Pakistan's three major cities. Daily the Pak Banker covers banking and financial sectors of Pakistan exclusively and also the major developments of the world banking and financial scenario. Right Vision News is one of the largest and most credible Pakistani news agencies. Right Vision News covers news events from Pakistan and also from other parts of the world, with 22 bureaus, correspondents and staff reporters from all over Pakistan and from other major countries of the world.

South Asian Media Network, founded by South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA) is the biggest journalist's body of South Asia. Senior and renowned journalists from all over South Asia contribute news and articles relating to south Asian countries on this widely trusted website. From Bangladesh, coverage is expanded with the addition of Dhaka Courier the highest circulated newsweekly of the country. Distributed to over 50 countries, it is often quoted at home and abroad for its sharp focus on political and human rights issues. Covering Sri Lanka, Colombo Times is an online daily, published since year 2000, by a group of very strong Sri Lankan journalists. The Maldives Chronicle is based on the concept of participatory community media and citizen journalism, which transcends beyond the limitations of conventional media and allows people to report, read, write, comment and debate news, views and happenings they find significant.

AII Data Processing Ltd provides English language news from Russia and Eastern Europe, Asia/Kazakhstan, Europe/Romania and Europe/Bulgaria. Publications break down into 6 different types of news items with specifics for each country:

  • Banks and Brokers Reports is a daily company, industry and market report produced by leading brokerage houses
  • Central Bank News contains details regarding government monetary and economic news, policies and legislation
  • Government News provides news and information from government departments including press releases and legislative news
  • Economic Statistics provides state statistics covering all government and industrial output figures
  • Stock Exchange News provides news and information from the local stock exchange including equity news and legislation
  • Business Association News provides information from a wide range of business associations including chambers of commerce and industry organizations.

LexisNexis added 29 such publications during the 4th Quarter including Russian Banks and Brokers Reports; Russian Central Bank News; Russian Government News; Russian Economic statistics; Russian Stock Exchange News; Russian Business Association news; Ukrainian Banks and Brokers Reports; Ukrainian Central Bank News; Ukrainian Government News; Ukrainian Economic Statistics; Ukrainian Stock Exchange News; Ukrainian Business Association News; Kazakhstan Central Bank News; Kazakhstan Government News; Kazakhstan Economic Statistics; Kazakhstan Stock Exchange News; Kazakhstan Business Association News; Romanian Banks and Brokers Reports; Romanian Central Bank News; Romanian Government News; Romanian Economic Statistics; Romanian Stock Exchange News; Romanian Business Association News; Bulgarian Banks and Brokers Reports; Bulgarian Central Bank News; Bulgarian Government News; Bulgarian Economic Statistics; Bulgarian Stock Exchange News; Bulgarian Business Association News.

Also from Bulgaria, InPR from U2C Communications Ltd. is a press release and company announcements service disseminating news from companies that are publicly traded on the stock exchanges in Southeast Europe (SEE) and private companies active in the region. InPR incorporates news releases from think-tanks, NGOs and other public organizations.

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