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New Sources

New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Services

July-September 2010

The North American and Global Round Up publications will help LexisNexis customers develop a greater and more direct presence in global financial markets. Designed for the sell-side and buy-side of the securities markets, retail brokers, banks, accounting, legal and corporate advisory firms, these reports provide users with reliable, round-the-clock monitoring. Content is combined with trading data from North American and global stock, commodity and financial markets to provide customers with value-added analysis and a broad range of investment tools. News Bites Canadian Markets covers Canadian stock exchange markets, Canadian sectors and stocks that have been markedly active in the day; and tabulated financial reports for Canadian stock exchange-listed companies. News Bites US Markets reports on US Stock exchange markets, US sectors and stocks that have been markedly active in the day, and tabulated financial reports for US stock exchange-listed companies. Global Round Up - ADRs and Depository Receipts reports on those American and other depository receipts that have been active in the day. Global Round Up - Bonds reports on corporate and sovereign bonds, by price and volume changes and specific events affecting value. Global Round Up - Bullish & Bearish Signals reports highlight stock report movements and triggers that signal bullish or bearish trends and signals, throughout the trading day. Global Round Up - Commodities reports on commodities that have been active in the day and includes bullish and bearish signals on global stocks in the commodities sector. Global Round Up - Currencies reports on currencies that have been active in the day against a maximum of six higher-traded global currencies. Global Round Up - Exchange-Traded Funds reports on funds that have been active in the day, by price, volume and value changes. Global Round Up - Sectors reports on global sectors with stocks in the top decile by market capitalization, sector, sector stock performance, major trading volumes and top rises and falls. Global Round Up - Stock Exchange Indices reports on price and volume movements in the benchmark indices of the world's stock exchanges, providing a summary of major trading volumes and top rises and falls.Global Round Up - Stocks publishes stories on stocks from the leading markets' primary indices that have been markedly active in the day.

The SEC Wire was created to provide daily information on the functioning of the Securities & Exchange Commission as it regulates the business of the stock exchanges and stock brokers, monitors and regulates all authorized self-regulatory organizations in the securities market, and investigates and inspects any inquiries specific to issuers or dealers of securities, the stock Exchanges and any self-regulatory organization.

There are 44 new publications from AHC Media, the largest publisher of health care newsletters in the world: AIDS Alert is the definitive source of AIDS news and advice for health care professionals. It covers up-to-the-minute developments and guidance on the entire spectrum of AIDS challenges, including treatment, education, precautions, screening, diagnosis and policy. Alternative Medicine Alert is dedicated to providing clinicians with evidence-based, clinically sound information on complementary and alternative medicine. Biomedical Business & Technology is the leading source of news and analysis on market size and direction in the high-tech medical device industry. BioWorld Today offers daily news of issues dramatically influencing the future of biotechnology. BioWorld Insight provides analysis & commentary on the critical components of the biotech industry, from insights into which products are ahead or behind in a particular product space, the potential impact of new and pending regulatory rules and ideas for generating capital funding that is the lifeblood of the industry. BioWorld International is a global intelligence service that brings you news on international strategic deals, worldwide investment opportunities, country-by-country regulatory issues, product development and insight on emerging biotech companies you may have never realized existed. Case Management Advisor provides concise, usable information that will help you provide the highest quality of care across the entire continuum in the most cost-effective way. Every month, you will receive practical and authoritative advice and information in an easy-to-read newsletter format on topics such as ethical and legal issues; managing case loads; professional development; workers' comp/disability management; elder care/end-of-life issues; disease management/wellness/prevention; occupational health; and behavioral health. Clinical Cardiology Alert contains developments in cardiology combined with expert physician commentary. Topics covered include PTCA, angina, CHF, preventive cardiology, and pharmacological approaches. Clinical Oncology Alert contains developments in oncology, combined with expert physician commentary. Special features by practicing oncologists give you important insights into the specialty. Critical Care Alert reviews the relevant journals, nearly 30, extracting key findings that can improve the delivery of patient care. Clinical Trial Administrator provides authoritative and practical guidance for the full range of issues involved in managing clinical trials, including staff training, recruitment and retention; informed consent documentation; budgeting; and developing and implementing protocols. Contraceptive Technology Update contains objective analysis of the latest research and news on existing and emerging contraceptives. Discharge Planning Advisor specific strategies and how-to information guaranteed to help improve discharge planning processes and prevent discharge delays. Drug Formulary Review provides field-tested programs, implementation strategies, and proven ideas that are guaranteed to reduce hospital pharmacy costs- without sacrificing quality patient care. ED Legal Letter covers emergency medicine from the perspective of risk management and malpractice prevention. Each monthly issue reviews legal issues relating to emergency medicine practice and offers specific recommendations for reducing risk in the ED. Emergency Department Management keeps emergency department directors, administrators, physicians, and nurse supervisors on top of developments in the business and management of emergency medical care. Emergency Department Nursing provides a concise, easy-to-read format for discovering the latest, safest, and most effective and efficient care for patients that, if implemented, will result in positive clinical outcomes. Emergency Medicine Reports offers a practical, comprehensive and authoritative review of tough clinical presentations commonly encountered in the emergency room. Hospital Access Management is designed to provide the most practical, comprehensive, and accurate coverage of the full spectrum of access management challenges, as hospitals continue to face the financial realities of skyrocketing health care costs and tighter reimbursements. Healthcare Benchmarks & Quality Improvement covers the benchmarking and quality tools and initiatives being developed and used in health care today and offers authoritative, practical, and essential tips, discoveries, and techniques covering crucial quality management and benchmarking issues. Hospital Case Management brings together managers and directors nationwide to share strategies, insights, successes, and failures from inside the hospital walls and beyond. Hospital Employee Health provides the critical information needed to administer an efficient and effective employee health program. Hospital Home Health is devoted to the business, regulatory, reimbursement, and clinical concerns of hospital-based or hospital-affiliated home health agencies. Hospital Infection Control the latest news and comment on infection control and prevention.

Hospice Management Advisor is a practical source that provides the experiences of successful hospice managers and critical how-to information. Find the latest on Joint Commission accreditation, liability management, infection and quality control, employee issues, reimbursement, pain regulation, and more. Hospital Medicine Alert provides authoritative abstract and commentary culled from a review of leading medical journals. Our medical experts sort out the most pertinent information to ensure that its readers keep up-to-speed with current and developing trends in hospital medicine. Hospital Peer Review offers the latest news, techniques, and protocols for quality managers across the country. It provides practical news and advice on how to help hospitals meet the accreditation and credentialing demands of today's ever-changing healthcare market. Healthcare Risk Management contains the latest news, blended with dozens of ideas, strategies, and recommendations for reducing facilities' risk and liability. Infectious Disease Alert includes 6-8 abstracts of current literature combined with expert physician commentary. Coverage includes hospital epidemiology, microbiology, travel medicine, HIV and AIDS. Internal Medicine Alert includes 6-8 abstracts of developments in internal medicine accompanied by expert commentary. IRB Advisor addresses current regulatory activities, informed consent, and administrative and management issues. Medical Device Daily is a daily medical technology newspaper that provides new product developments, company news, regulatory activity, legislative actions, strategic alliances, sales and mergers, market updates, and more. Medical Ethics Advisor focuses on current issues that help the reader understand how biological, legal, financial, and moral viewpoints interrelate and shape the decision-making process. Neurology Alert provides 6-8 abstracts of developments in neurology combined with expert physician commentary. Special brief alerts summarize noteworthy studies and includes coverage of epilepsy, genetic advances, and pharmacological approaches to treatment. OB/GYN Clinical Alert provides 6-8 abstracts of developments in obstetrics and gynecology, with expert commentary added by the physician editors. Coverage includes obstetrics, gynecology, STDs, gynecologic oncology, and primary care topics for women's health. Occupational Health Management delivers the expert advice, news, and latest regulations to successfully manage occupational health programs, build loyalty in the community, and expand market share for facilities. Patient Education Management offers tips on how to create and implement successful educational programs and learn from the successes - and failures - of others. Case studies and sample patient education protocols, forms, policies, and checklists will help meet Joint Commission standards, train patient educators, design effective programs, and prove the value of patient education programs. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports offers fully referenced, in-depth reviews of current issues faced by physicians dealing with pediatric emergencies. Topics include airway emergencies, trauma, metabolic disorders, fevers, toxicology, and more. Primary Care Reports offers original state-of-the-art review articles on important clinical issues in primary care, with practical treatment recommendations. Each peer-reviewed issue is written by an expert in the field. Topics include medical ethics, anemia, PMS, obesity, fibromyalgia, somatization disorder, diabetes, and more. Same-Day Surgery provides authoritative, concise news and advice for hospital-based same-day surgery programs, freestanding ambulatory surgery centers, and office-based surgery programs. State Health Watch is a quick-read newsletter focusing on the latest and most significant developments in health policy at the state and county level. Travel Medicine Advisor contains the latest research and data on preventing, diagnosing and treating travel-related diseases. Learn the latest on new outbreaks and epidemics, changes in recommended immunization practices, new vaccines and drugs for travel-related illnesses, special advice for children traveling abroad, therapy for malaria and other common diseases in travelers and much more. Trauma Reports is a bimonthly clinical monograph focusing on emergency care of adult and pediatric patients with moderate and severe traumatic injuries. The articles are thoroughly researched and undergo a rigorous peer review process.

The Moscow News is a weekly city newspaper, printed and distributed in the greater Moscow area of Russia. It provides reviews of the major events in Moscow and political, economic and cultural news.

Latin Portfolio is the leading provider of regulatory, compliance and tax information to global institutions investing in the Latin American capital markets. Latin Portfolio delivers must-have information to corporate counsel, compliance officers, business lawyers, tax directors, tax lawyers, consultants and other senior level professionals. Institutional users include investment banks, money-center banks, asset managers, multinational corporations, law firms, consulting firms and multilateral organizations. Latin Portfolio 1000 Directory is a directory of asset managers, banks, law firms and regulators in the Latin American capital markets. It contains contact data and information on officers, directors, partners and auditors. Latin Portfolio Securities Regulation provides information on regulation of securities in the Latin American capital markets. Latin Portfolio Compliance Watchlist provides alerts on regulatory violations in the Latin American capital markets. Latin Portfolio Financial Taxation provides information on taxation of financial instruments in Latin America. Latin Portfolio Risk Management provides information on regulation of financial derivatives in Latin America. Latin Portfolio Corporate Governance provides information on corporate governance in Latin America.

The Frontier Star is a daily newspaper published from the North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan that focuses on developments related to the province including the armed conflict with the Taliban. The Baluchistan Times  is the leading daily newspaper published from Quetta, the capital city of Balochistan province that borders Afghanistan and Iran. Daily Regional Times focuses on developments in Sindh, the province that is the home base of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party. The Statesman is a leading daily newspaper, published from Peshawar, the capital city of turbulent North West Frontier Province (NWFP) of Pakistan Pakistan Observer is a national daily newspaper published from Islamabad, the capital city, and in six other cities of Pakistan.

Marianne is a French language, independent weekly Paris-based French magazine covering political, social and cultural news. La Voix du Nord covers the North of France, including Lille, Boulogne, Dunkerque, Arras and Valenciennes.

The Finedatta Company & Financial Information of East African Companies has in-depth credit reports on companies in the East Africa region. The companies are registered in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Angola, Mozambique, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar, Chad, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana and Nigeria.

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