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New Sources

New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Services

October - December 2010

D&B Country Riskline Reports (News) is a source for evaluating cross-border risks and opportunities around the globe. They are designed to keep readers informed of business trading conditions in overseas markets through careful analysis based on primary and secondary data. These reports cover 130 different countries and are published monthly. Each report contains a quick reference guide to the specific conditions in the country, while determining the level of risk. Several factors are taken into account including the economic, social and political structure of the country. The reports are based on the global network of reporting offices and worldwide database available to D&B’s team of highly skilled analysts.

GlobalAdSource is a unique global advertisement monitoring network that includes advertisements from over 50 countries and high-resolution television, radio, print, outdoor and internet creative from key global markets. LexisNexis customers will benefit by having access to snapshot information of these ads that will allow them to measure the reach of a brand (client, competitor or their own brand) throughout the world. GlobalAdsource is available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and German languages.

13 News Bites titles provide reports on their respective market, by index and sector, to identify price and trading volume changes, including bullish and bearish signals and market action tables. They cover sectors that have been markedly active in the day, by price, volume and value changes; and stocks that have been markedly active in the day, by price, volume and value changes, substantial shareholder changes and directors dealings. They provide tabulated financial reports showing stock exchange-listed companies’ seasonal monthly, quarterly, half-year and full-year financial results, including a two-year comparison of selected variables for half-year and full-year results. Titles include: News Bites - Middle East and North Africa: Bahrain, News Bites - Middle East and North Africa: Iran, New Bites - Middle East and North Africa: Israel, News Bites - Middle East and North Africa: Kuwait, News Bites - Middle East and North Africa: Saudi Arabia, News Bites - Middle East and North Africa: UAE, New Bites - Middle East and North Africa: Oman, New Bites - Latin America: Argentina, News Bites - Latin America: Brazil, News Bites - Latin America: Chile, News Bites - Latin America: Colombia, News Bites - Latin America: Mexico, News Bites Asian Markets. This title covers the stock exchanges in: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Tokyo, Seoul, Taiwan, Jakarta, Wellington, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Vietnam, Colombo, Karachi, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

For North America there is the Distressed Company Alert, a newsletter that monitors and reports companies with assets of $10 million or more, and that are showing signs of financial distress. The Distressed Company Alert will help you find new customers, uncover short-selling opportunities and find debts that are at risk of default or bankruptcy. DCA has set seven "alert triggers" which represent industry accepted "distress standards." When a company hits one of these "triggers", they are automatically listed in the DCA. The Atlantic has been the premier magazine for coverage and analysis of current events, international affairs, and culture. A great deal has changed since Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, and Harriet Beecher Stowe planned the first issue in 1857. But since its inception, The Atlantic has given voice to some of the most provocative ideas of its time, from Henry David Thoreau’s blunt naturalism to Martin Luther King’s calls for justice. Today, The Atlantic’s readership numbers 1.5 million, and the magazine maintains an unwavering commitment to publishing authors whose ideas help move society forward. PUBLISHER: Atlantic Media, Inc. Professional Retention and Fee Applications is published by New Generation Research which collects bankruptcy professional retention and fee data from documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts. When a party involved with a corporate bankruptcy wants to retain a professional to work on their bankruptcy, they have to file a retention motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court stating who the firm is. In a retention document filed with the court, there is information on who the lead practitioner will be, what the firm will be charging and more. NGR also captures billing information as the case draws to a close. At that time the retained bankruptcy professionals will submit a Final Fee Application which, among other things, summarizes their total fees for services and their total reimbursable expenses for the case. Also from New Generation Research (NGR) is Bankruptcy Court Documents. NGR collects filing petitions for all public companies that file for bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court. NGR also collects plans of reorganization and disclosure statements. For selected companies that have investment potential, NGR writes a plan summary that covers the background of the bankruptcy, specific treatment of the various classes of claims, debts and interests, and financial projections. This file expands our coverage of bankruptcies and provides access to original court documents filed in association with a bankruptcy.

Asset International is an information provider to global pension funds, asset managers, financial advisers, banking service providers, and other financial institutions in the private and public sector. They provide best-in-class content to the investment services industry across a wide variety of publications and events across the globe. New titles include: PlanSponsor , the most respected provider of information and research to America's retirement plan sponsors and the industry that serves this large constituency. PlanSponsor reaches 100% of the top 1,000 investment pension plans in America with assets of $7 trillion, as well as all key decision-makers in the DC and DB market; PlanAdviser provides comprehensive industry news, regulatory and investment information, research and training to financial advisers who specialize in the sales, design and administration of institutional qualified and nonqualified retirement plans and executive compensation plans, including 401(k), defined benefit and deferred compensation plans; Global Custodian reaches 100% of the leading banks in global custody including securities operations at banks, broker-dealers and fund managers. Global Custodian is defined by high-quality editorial and a series of annual surveys that have become benchmarks for the industry. It also provides analysis and commentary on the latest news and events taking place in the international securities industry; Ai5000 delivers high quality editorial content to the world's most sophisticated institutional investors, specifically, the investment and finance professionals at the 5,000 largest pools of capital around the globe, including the world's largest sovereign wealth funds, global corporate and public pension funds, insurance general accounts, foundations and endowments, and central banks; and AiTrade which is the undisputed market leader covering global electronic securities trading through the international and Asian editions of its magazine, online daily news service, conference newspapers and specialist handbooks. It is the only publication dedicated to covering the broad spectrum of activities that buy-side firms undertake to implement their investment decisions end-to-end in order to reduce market impact costs and maximize portfolio returns.

ProQuest provides new titles in a variety of topical areas. For general media titles see The Advocate, a national news magazine covering events important to the LGBT community, including the gay rights movement, art and culture. Bozeman Daily Chronicle is a daily newspaper published in Bozeman, Montana. It is the fifth largest newspaper in Montana. The Brandon Sun (Manitoba) is a daily newspaper published in Brandon, Manitoba. It is the primary newspaper of record for western Manitoba. California Newswire covers news about companies, products, people, and services in California. DNA: Daily News & Analysis is the voice and soul of Mumbai. Through news, views, analysis and interactivity, DNA provides readers with a composite picture of Mumbai and the world. DNA Sunday is the Sunday edition of the daily newspaper DNA, the voice and soul of Mumbai. El Chicano Weekly is based in Colton, California and is one the California's oldest newspapers. The Financial Daily; Karachi is Pakistan’s most comprehensive financial newspaper. It provides stock information, daily news, research reports and reviews. Honolulu Star-Advertiser was formed from the merger of The Honolulu Advertiser and the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and is the largest daily newspaper in the state of Hawaii. Idaho State Journal is a U.S. daily newspaper serving the Pocatello, Idaho, area. Inner City Press engages in investigations and journalism regarding human rights, transparency, corporate accountability, community reinvestment, predatory lending, environmental justice, fair housing, social exclusion and related topics. Journal (England) is a daily newspaper serving the Newcastle, England area. Press-Telegram (Long Beach) is a daily newspaper offering business, financial and related news and regional coverage. Palm Beach Daily News covers the towns of Palm Beach, South Palm Beach and Manalapan, local and regional government, society, fashion, business and arts and entertainment. RWE Equity Business News Service is a wire service reporting on international company and financial news. Sentinel (Los Angeles) is a newspaper focused on the African American community. The Stranger is a youth lifestyle publication tuned into the alternative and creative side of British culture, presenting a mix of music, film, environment, current affairs, surf, skate and fashion tied together by a distinctive visual style. Trend Capital (English) contains detailed information on oil companies in Azerbaijan and other Caspian countries, banking activities in the region, macroeconomic trends and transport news. Trend News (English) provides information on domestic and foreign politics, process of the settlement of Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, culture news, religion, ecology, education, health, etc. ProQuest Healthcare & Medicine titles include American Journal of Public Health?. publishes original work in research, research methods, and program evaluation in the field of public health. The Journal also regularly publishes editorials and commentaries and serves as a forum for health policy analysis. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy is an international, peer-reviewed journal designed to communicate the latest applied information in health economics and health policy. Health S A aims to contribute to the development of science. This is done through interchange and cooperation between health professions, and to develop a relevant, effective health service delivery system in southern Africa through research. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal is designed to enhance the knowledge and practice of evidence-based healthcare design by disseminating research findings, discussing issues and trends, and translating research to practice. Indian Journal of Cancer publishes articles on the subject of Medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, oncopathology. International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health promotes discussions, studies, collaborative researches and current activities on the current Internal medicine and public health topics. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering is dedicated to the latest advancement of biomedical sciences and engineering. The Journal of Chinese Medicine provides theoretical and clinical articles on acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary medicine, medical qigong and Chinese medical history and philosophy. Journal of the National Society of Allied Health focuses on articles to help the Allied Health Professional. LocumLife is the first and only publication dedicated to locum tenens (freelance) physicians. Molecular Diagnosis & Therapy covers applications of biomarkers, pharmacogenomics, and molecular diagnostics technologies for personalized medicine. Pharmaceutical Medicine covers scientific, medical and related activities in the discovery, development, evaluation, registration and monitoring of medicines, the execution of clinical trials, and the regulatory and ethical requirements pertaining to drug development. < href="http://w3.nexis.com/sources/scripts/info.pl?370212">Physiological Research publishes articles on normal and pathological physiology, biochemistry, biophysics, and pharmacology. Veterinary Economics is veterinarians' source for expert veterinary information on practice management, communication, business skills, and leadership. Veterinary Medicine offers clinical articles, news, blogs, medicine research, continuing education videos and photos. New ProQuest Plant Science titles are Plant Cell publishes novel research of special significance in plant biology, especially in the areas of cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, development, and evolution. Plant Omics is an international, peer-reviewed, Australian based publication that gathers and disseminates fundamental and applied knowledge in almost all area of plant, crop and agricultural biology and particularly plant molecular OMICS-es such as genomics, proteomics, phenomics and physiomics to name a few. Plant Physiology is a monthly, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes articles on physiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, biophysics, and environmental biology of plants.

General Science, Manufacturing and Technology titles include Illiesia is the international journal of plecopteran (stonefly) research. Popular Science covers the latest developments in electronics, communications, cars, tools, aviation, space exploration, science, energy, photography and technology. Products Finishing covers production, engineering, laboratory, management and administrative personnel in plants where metal and plastic products are electroplated, anodized, painted, powder coated, buffed, cleaned, coated, polished, degreased or otherwise surface finished. Progress in Physics publishes papers in theoretical and experimental physics, including related themes from mathematics. Real Analysis Exchange covers real analysis and related subjects such as geometric measure theory, analytic set theory, one-dimensional dynamics, the topology of real functions, and the real variable aspects of Fourier analysis and complex analysis. SC Magazine provides IT security professionals in the US with in-depth, unbiased information regarding the technical demands that they and their business face when addressing security issues, and how decisions related to their security postures will fit in with their overall business strategies. Science Educator focuses primarily on K-16 STEM issues, covering topics dealing with all aspects of science and engineering education reform, outreach to schools, and the professional development of K-16 teachers. Scientia Magna publishes papers in mathematics, physics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and linguistics. Sensors & Transducers provides an advanced forum for the science and technology of physical, chemical sensors and biosensors. Signal covers the communications and electronics segments of the defense, government and industry industries. Sound and Vibration is devoted to the prompt publication of original papers, both theoretical and experimental, that provide new information on any aspect of sound or vibration. Spectroscopy provides practical advice about modern spectroscopic techniques and instrumentation to solve real-world problems in diverse physical and life sciences. Wireless Sensor Network is an international refereed journal dedicated to the latest advancement of wireless sensor network and applications. Stapp Car Crash Journal includes new data on the biomechanics of injury and human tolerance, new methods and tools to study the biomechanics of injury, new developments in occupant protection systems, and new concepts on the biomechanics of injury based on experimental and analytical studies. Other Specialty Newsletter & Magazine Titles from Proquest are: Acoustic Guitar is a monthly magazine for all styles and interests, from beginner to performer and features events, reviews, and information on guitars used by different artists. Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration News is the HVACR contractor’s weekly newsmagazine and is the industry’s most trusted and utilized direct communications link to the HVACR buyer. ASHA Leader is a newspaper containing news and in-depth features on issues of importance to members of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Green Pages is the official publication of record of the Green Party of the United States. Its primary purpose is to address the needs of the Green Party, its members and its organizations on the national, state and local levels.

Goldmine focuses on the collectors' market for records, tapes, CDs, and music-related memorabilia. Translog is the transportation magazine of the Military Traffic Management Command. Parenting. School Years is the new edition of Parenting that focuses on the day-to-day needs and interests of moms with school-age kids. Parenting. Early Years is the new edition of Parenting that brings you real mom-tested advice that specifically relates to your life as a mom with babies and toddlers. Professional Animal Scientist is a trade publication providing coverage and analysis of animals and wildlife. Public Finance examines public budgeting and finance issues. The Stage; London covers all areas of the entertainment industry but focuses primarily on theatre; it contains news, reviews, opinion, features and other items of interest, mainly to those who work within the industry. Trusts & Estates is written for those who serve the planning needs of the ultra-wealthy; to gain insight into their specialties and to learn about related professions, including estate-planning lawyers, corporate and individual trustees, financial planners, accountants, investment advisors, charitable giving specialists, family office executives, insurance agents, and valuation experts. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology is a quarterly publication consisting of major articles based on original studies of birds and short communications that describe observations of particular interest. Additional ProQuest Sports titles are: Field & Stream is the go-to guide for outdoorsmen; it provides readers with riveting articles and both fiction and non-fiction stories on hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Motor Boating is a must-read publication for yachting and motor boating enthusiasts. Ride BMX is written for die-hard BMX trick riders. Each action-packed issue of Ride BMX magazine shows readers new places to ride, the latest products on the market, trick how-to's and the most incredible photography. Salt Water Sportsman provides articles on varieties of saltwater fish and where to catch them, product reviews of fishing and boating gear and accessories, features about boat models, and how-to tips. Transworld Skateboarding is the largest and most progressive skateboard magazine in the world today. Yachting provides power and sailing enthusiasts with expert reviews of new boats, gear and equipment plus coverage of cruising, traveling and racing destinations.

For the UK/Ireland, The Times of London Abstracts are now available. This file contains cover to cover abstracts of The Times of London, perhaps the world's most famous daily newspaper and Britain's newspaper of record. Both authoritative and zany over the years, it represents the conservative voice of a rising, prosperous English generation. The Sunday Times of London Abstracts contains cover to cover abstracts of The Sunday Times of London newspaper and Britain's newspaper of record. Both authoritative and zany over the years, it represents the conservative voice of a rising, prosperous English generation. City A.M. is key addition to the UK regional newspaper collection. It is London’s first free daily business newspaper and is read by over 350,000 professionals throughout The City, Canary Wharf and other areas of high business concentration. From Incisive Media Ltd here are two key publications for the UK investment community: Investment Week is the weekly magazine for top-tier investment professionals in the UK. Launched in 1995 as Incisive Media’s flagship title, Investment Week provides information and inspiration that has enabled the title to win 22 awards in 12 years. It provides the market with authoritative, objective and independent news, features and analysis that offer business opportunities, research and educational material. Professional Adviser is the weekly investment magazine for advisers that want to develop their business and deliver the best possible value to their clients. It provides investment news, financial planning and vital analysis for advisers. Through close contact with the financial adviser community, Professional Adviser offers an insightful, valuable and practical analysis of the business issues affecting the market as well as of wider industry trends and issues, including regulation. It offers industry news coupled with strong educational pieces designed to dispel the myths that surround complex financial products and issues, helping the reader to develop their business and deliver more value to the clients.

Centaur Publishing provides 12 new titles: Marketing Week is a leading weekly news magazine for people in the marketing, advertising and media communities. It covers all aspects of the business from fast moving consumer goods to cars, financial products to retail and computers to washing-up liquid. Marketing Week provides you with new case studies, a spotlight on the best innovation in marketing and the latest in consumer and business trends. The Lawyer is a key publication for people who want to keep up to date with the issues and challenges facing those working in law. The Lawyer's editorial team brings you all the news stories, both domestic and global, that are shaping the world of legal business. The online offering will ensure users are kept up to date with the breaking stories pertinent to their careers. New Media Age is a weekly magazine covering the business of interactive media and online marketing. It is useful reading for anyone using interactive media to communicate with their customers, and for all the companies providing the products and services that make those communications possible. News is the main editorial remit of New Media Age, and it covers key events and developments in the UK, Europe, the US and the Far East. Design Week is exclusively written for design industry professionals (and all those that commission them). Every commercial design discipline is represented from graphic design and interiors to product design. Fund Strategy Online is the daily online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Fund Strategy’. It is a unique publication catering to the top end of the investment intermediary market. It aims to deliver everything retail investments professionals need to know about how world market shifts and industry moves are affecting the funds they recommend. Money Marketing Online is the daily online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Money Marketing’. It aims to meet all the information needs of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and the communication needs of those that serve them. This is for IFAs and the companies that provide the products they sell – life insurance, unit trusts, pensions etc. Mortgage Strategy Online is the daily online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Mortgage Strategy’. This is for professionals whose main business is advising on mortgages. It contains information about how new product launches and industry moves are affecting mortgages and delivers the complete picture on key issues - from identifying key lenders in the adverse credit sector to analyzing the impact of a potential recession on the housing market - through detailed interviews with lenders, independent commentators and other mortgage specialists. Corporate Adviser Online is the weekly online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Corporate Adviser’. This is for intermediaries advising companies and their employees on employee benefits including pensions, group risk and PMI. The Engineer Online is the daily online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘The Engineer’. It provides the latest news, analysis, features, interviews and job vacancies from the world of engineering. The Engineer reports on innovations and advances that shape the future of engineering and technology. Metalworking Production Online is the weekly online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Metalworking Production’. It is a journal for the machine tool industry and serves the business information needs of production engineering professionals. Its focus is on the best in current manufacturing technology and practice, all the latest innovations and likely future developments in machine tool usage, and practical demonstrations of how to get from concept to component faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner. Process Engineering Online is the weekly online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Process Engineering’. It offers practical advice from qualified engineers and scientists on the technical and management challenges faced by engineers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil/gas, food processing, rubber/plastics and utilities sectors. Recruiter Online is the daily online offering of Centaur’s print title ‘Recruiter’. It is a leading magazine for the recruitment profession. Recruiter delivers industry news, advice and analysis of the recruitment sector. Resourcing (UK) has amalgamated into Recruiter (UK) from February 16, 2009.

AllAboutFeed (English) is an independent, international publication reaching a varied readership within the animal feed manufacturing industry. The magazine not only focuses on the latest worldwide developments in feed milling technology, feed additives, ingredients and feed management, but also discusses topical issues within the animal feed industry. It has a strong focus on animal nutrition with new research and practical applications presented from leading scientists from around the world. AllAboutFeed is published ten times per year. The magazine is a merger of Feed Tech and Feed Mix magazines. This source serves to expand our coverage of the feed manufacturing industry.

Zorg + Welzijn is a monthly magazine to the social sector. It gives the latest news and developments in policy and management in health and social care in the Netherlands. Tagblatt publications are leading German language newspapers in the north-eastern region of Switzerland. New titles include: St. Galler Tagblatt (Stammausgabe); St. Galler Tagblatt (Rorschach); Tagblatt fur den Kanton Thurgau; Appenzeller Zeitung; and Toggenburger Tagblatt. And two additional publications are the regional newspapers for the city of Köln (Cologne) in Germany. Köln is the fourth biggest German city with approximately 1 million citizens; it is of major economical and cultural influence in Germany as well as in northwestern Europe. With these newspapers LexisNexis enhances its collection of western German daily regional newspapers, especially regarding newspapers of the highly populated and important region of North Rhine-Westphalia. Titles include: Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger and Kölnische Rundschau. Also new to the service is the German language Jüdische Allgemeine, the most important Jewish newspaper in the German market, providing a unique perspective on German/Jewish discussions and day-to-day life in Germany.

Interfax provides financial market participants with all the information they need in terms of news, market data and analysis. They offer real-time data and latest news from the Russian, Ukrainian and major international trading floors. Interfax publishes analytical forecasts, consensus forecasts and commentaries on the situation in the financial markets. New Interfax titles include: Russia & CIS Health & Pharmaceuticals which contains materials on the state and prospects of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia and CIS countries as well as tenders for supplies of medicine and medical equipment, customs regulations, legislation and more; Russia & CIS Energy Daily, a daily bulletin covering the most significant events in the ex-USSR fuel and energy industries, including the implementation progress of the major oil and gas projects. The report includes major statistics on oil and gas production and exports, petroleum product output and sales plus expert commentaries on the world oil markets; and Russia & CIS Military Daily, a news bulletin on key Russian national security events.

Statista (http://de.statista.com) is the leading statistics web portal in Germany. In German language, Statista provides statistical material about thousands of themes. Statista is also a resource for German journalism. It is a relevant for all those who want to understand trends and opinions, especially (but not only) regarding consumer interests. Statista data will be used by analysts, journalists and all those who are interested in consumer opinions and needs.

For Africa and the Middle East we have added McGregor BFA CIPRO Bios (South African Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office) which provides directors information on all companies and closed corporations registered in South Africa including directorships. And Arabic language publications are now available on LexisNexis! Titles include: Ad Dustour, an Arabic daily newspaper in Amman, Jordan, owned by the Jordan Press and Publishing Company and published in Jordan; AmmanNet, a non-governmental and not-for-profit FM and online radio station in Amman, Jordan, which provides local daily news on a wide range of topics; As-Safir, a newspaper focusing on national and international news, current affairs, politics, business and sport; As-Safir is published in Lebanon. Emirates News Agency (Arabic) is the official news agency of the UAE; Mena Report (Arabic)

is one of the leading pan-Arab online business news sources covering economy & trade, IT & telecom, financial markets, forex, oil & energy, agriculture, retail & services, construction & real estate, transport and tourism; and Al Watan is a Jordanian weekly newspaper.

For the Asia/Pacific region we have added China Economic Review (CER), the premier English-language China business magazine, offering unparalleled insight into China business news and information. The magazine has developed a reputation for delivering authoritative, objective and respected commentary and analysis on China economic news and trends. The magazine offers expert analysis of latest development, interviews with China experts, in-depth feature stories, and spotlight on China's stock market industry overviews, with monthly supplements on the key sectors. China Economic Review - Daily & Industry provides easy to skim one minute summaries of the top China news produced by 11 am Beijing time form Monday to Friday. The Pulse (Australia) is a fortnightly news column covers a wide range of topics related to health, medicine and wellbeing. Written by a leading authority on medical issues, the column covers topics that affect all Australians, including childhood disorders, pregnancy and fertility, pharmaceuticals, and much more. Science Online (Australia) is a regularly updated selection of articles taken from ABC Science, one of Australia's premier sources for science-related news, events and features. The stories cover a range of interest science topics, from health and biology to space and astronomy, and include commentary from some of Australia's leading science journalists and presenters. News Limited's portfolio contains some of Australia’s most popular and valued publications. Titles include: Wentworth Courier (Australia) is known as the 'Bible of the Eastern Suburbs' -- it captures more readers in the area than any other publication. It was established in 1947 and has unrivalled distribution and reach into one of Sydney's most lucrative markets. Central Courier is a full color weekly lifestyle title dedicated to the unique needs of inner city residents. The stylish and lively format is distinctly in tune with the inimitable limited reading habits of the urbanite. The contemporary and targeted content covers local lifestyle, entertainment, news, reviews and property. Inner West Courier is tailored to the Inner City and Inner West regions to ensure readers are provided with the most relevant local information. Advertising can appear across the entire distribution area or selectively depending on the region you want to target. Northside Courier With weekly fashion, beauty, health and home sections, readers will be influenced and inspired by both the editorial and the advertising. The high production values make it the perfect vehicle for brand and luxury advertising. Southern Courier The area at the southern tip of Sydney's eastern suburbs - bounded by Rosebery in the west, Coogee in the east and La Perouse in the south - is culturally diverse. Residents at various life stages and different household incomes live side-by-side to create a community bound by a common lifestyle. Village Voice Balmain is a full color monthly newspaper that focuses on local events, issues and the people that shape the community. Village Voice delivers authoritative local news content, restaurants, shopping, health & beauty services, and everything essential to life in the Leichhardt Local Government Area. BusinessWeek Magazine provides strong local business information, news and comment, with specialized reporting on the trends and developments in business in the Far North. The magazine is a gloss covered 16 page tabloid covering sections such as News, Opinion, Far North Commercial, Rural and Tourism along with themed pages. The Weekend Post weekender is inserted into The Weekend Post. The Weekender makes a perfect companion for those interested in the people, places and events making the news in your backyard. It has all you need to know about local travel and entertainment, and with its modern and vibrant design and content, Weekender is a complete guide to the perfect weekend in Cairns. Tablelands Advertiser is published every Friday, The Tablelands Advertiser's primary distribution area covers the Cairns hinterland, Atherton Tablelands, Gulf Country and through to far northern coastal areas. Also aerial delivery services extend through to Croydon, Normanton and to cattle stations and isolated settlements on the Peninsula right through to the Heathlands. City North News City North News is a state-of-the-art community newspaper born from a realignment of Quest's northern and city boundaries to better reflect the changing and emerging demographics of the area. The new publication gives residents and businesses in some of Brisbane's most prestigious suburbs a quality local publication designed specifically to cater to their needs. It is lively, up-market and in tune with the residents of the chic and influential near-city belt. TV Guide (Australia) provides Australian television listings for all free to air tv channels plus Foxtel and Austar. The Weekend Courier is distributed each Friday to homes and businesses in the Town of Kwinana and City of Rockingham, a region undergoing unprecedented growth and renewal.

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