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New Sources

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New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Services

JULY 2011

This was a banner month for content with the addition of 92 titles. Of particular note is NetProspex, a contacts database for B2B professionals and Government Executive, a magazine designed for senior managers and executives in the federal government. There are 17 publications from White Digital Media which delivers digital news and information for business professionals and global reviews for operations, technology, finance and leadership. Last, we have added a collection of 70 more ProQuest titles, many peer-reviewed, from publishers around the globe.

The titles below are linked to their entry in the Searchable Directory of Online Sources.


Food & Drink Digital covers industry specific issues such as: drinks, food equipment, food manufacturing, health foods and drinks, ingredients, hotels, restaurants and more.

Manufacturing Digital is designed for manufacturing professionals and executives. It provides solutions that enable global business to improve the way they manage their operations, people, technology and supply chain, and covers industry specific issues such as: automotive, aerospace & defense, chemicals & plastics, consumer products, electronics, logistics, metal & machinery.

Energy Digital is designed for business professionals focused on all aspects of managing the environment. It covers industry specific issues such as: renewable energy; global operations; exploration & production; and green business.

Construction Digital provides news and information for construction professionals focused on all aspects of managing the construction industry. Construction Digital covers industry-specific issues including: green building; building technologies; project management, design and engineering.

Supply Chain Digital is designed for supply chain business professionals and is focused on business and industry-specific issues such as: logistics and distribution; procurement; warehousing and storage; and outsourcing.

Healthcare Digital covers solutions that enable global healthcare executives to improve the way they manage their operations. It provides information on industry-specific issues such as: finance & insurance; health service; hospitals; medical devices; and pharmaceuticals.

Retail Digital is a source of news and information for retail professionals and executives responsible for all aspects of this industry. Retail Digital focuses on business and industry-specific issues such as: department stores; fashion; general merchandise; luxury; fashion; and health & beauty.

Technology Digital is designed for technology professionals and executives responsible for all aspects of the industry. It focuses on business and industry-specific issues such as: data centers; laptops; mobile computing; operative systems; internet; IT leadership; lean IT; and software.

Stock Market Digital focuses on business and industry-specific issues including: listings; market leaders; NASDAQ; NYSE; professional services and trading technology.

Executive Digital provides news and information for C-level executives across the world. It presents the latest trends in business and lifestyle. It focuses on business and industry-specific issues such as: leadership; technology; professional services; and strategy.

Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management publishes papers on innovative developments in the management and practice of construction, and original research work in all aspects of construction management. The journal is international and publishes papers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East, reflecting the global nature of the construction industry and the research that supports it.

International Journal of Energy Sector Management facilitates the dissemination of research on issues relating to supply management (covering the entire supply chain of resource finding, extraction, production, treatment, conversion, transportation, distribution and retail supply), demand and usage management, waste management, customer and other stakeholder management, and other solutions. The journal covers all forms of energy (non-renewable and renewable), forms of supply (centralized or decentralized), ownership patterns (public or private, cooperative, joint, or any other), market structures (formal, informal, integrated, disintegrated, national, international, local, etc.) and degrees of commoditization (e.g. internationally traded, regionally traded, non-traded, etc.).

International Journal of Industrial Engineering Computations focuses on recent advances in computational methods to solve various complex problems. The journal provides a forum to discuss the basic theories underlying industrial engineering techniques and covers various fields of industrial engineering such as scheduling, supply chain management and logistics, layout facilities, quality control, process engineering, operations management, simulation, game theory, maintenance, reliability, and econometrics.

International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow provides applied mathematicians, engineers and scientists engaged in computer-aided design and research in computational heat transfer and fluid dynamics, with timely and accessible information on the development, refinement and application of computer-based numerical techniques for solving problems in heat and fluid flow.

International Journal of Pavement Research and Technology provides a platform to promote the exchange of ideas among pavement engineering communities around the world. The journal disseminates information on all aspects of pavement engineering and technology developed through research and development and practical experiences.

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research is an open access, bi-monthly published, peer-reviewed, international online journal.

International Journal of Pharmacology and Biological Sciences is a peer-reviewed international journal which publishes innovative research works in the fields of pharmacology and biological sciences.

International Journal of Structural Integrity is published in partnership with the European Aeronautics Science Network and brings together academic and industrial research in the area of damage tolerance design and structural integrity.

International Journal of Vehicle Structures & Systems is engaged in the promotion and advancement of technical education and research in the field of mechanical, aerospace and other branches of engineering.

Journal of International Environmental Application and Science is dedicated to detailed and comprehensive investigations, analyses and appropriate reviews of the interdisciplinary aspects of renewable sources, municipal and industrial solid wastes, waste disposal, environmental pollution, environmental science and education, biomass, agricultural residues, energy sources, hazardous emissions, incineration, environmental protection topics included experimental, analytical, industrial studies, hydrological recycling, water pollution, water treatment air pollution, gas removal and disposal.

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary online journal published monthly. Fields covered include pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical analysis, biopharmaceutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, toxicology, genomics and proteomics, pharmacognosy and phytochemistry.

OurPlanet is the United Nations Environment Programme's flagship magazine, reporting on environmentally sustainable development around the world.

Technology Review identifies emerging technologies and analyzes their impact for technology and business leaders-the senior executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, engineers, developers, and researchers who create and fund the innovations that drive the global economy. Topics include computing, web, communications, energy, materials and biomedicine.

Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter is an international newsletter of Chelonian conservationists and biologists, dedicated to providing an open forum for the timely exchange of information on freshwater and terrestrial turtle and tortoise conservation and biology issues.

North America

NetProspex Contacts Database consists of contact records on B2B professionals in the U.S. and Canada. The records include business card-like fields, including names and titles, company and company address, email addresses, phone numbers, and other value-added fields such as industry classification, company size, URLs, and more.

Government Executive is designed for senior managers and executives in the federal government. The magazine covers developments affecting the organization and management of the executive branch; helps federal executives and their agencies improve the quality of the services they provide by reporting on management innovations; explains agencies' problems and failures in a way that offers lessons about pitfalls to avoid; creates a greater sense of community among the elite corps of public servants to whom the magazine circulates; and helps to improve the image of public service by teaching non-government readers about the challenges federal officials confront.

Business Review USA is designed for business professionals in the United States and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.

Business Review Canada is designed for business professionals in Canada and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.

Academy of Health Care Management Journal publishes practical, theoretical and empirical works on management and marketing for health care providing institutions.

Adhesives & Sealants Industry offers useful information targeted toward global manufacturers, formulators and end users of adhesives and sealants, pressure sensitive and other adhesive/sealant products.

Adultspan Journal is scholarly journal publishing current information about research, theory, and practice in the field of adult development and aging. Emphasis is given to developmental principles and concomitant counseling implications.

Alternatives Journal is Canada's national environmental magazine, delivers thoughtful analysis and intelligent debate on Canadian and world environmental issues, the latest news and ideas, as well as profiles of environmental leaders who are making a difference.

Appliance Design is devoted to providing solutions for design and engineering teams in the global, commercial and medical appliance/durable goods industry. Appliance Design is for those who are involved in the design of products used in HVAC, major appliances, house wares/portable appliances, commercial appliance, vending machines/kiosks, medical, test, measurement/laboratory equipment, business appliances, consumer electronics, and product development/industrial design firms.

Assembly serves the information needs of manufacturing professionals responsible for engineering and managing product assembly operations throughout the Original Equipment Market (OEM). The magazine's objective is to help them make assembly-related decisions and develop solutions to assembly problems.

BioCycle is a magazine on composting and organics recycling. BioCycle shows you how to turn organic residuals - woody materials, yard trimmings, municipal solid waste (MSW), food residuals, bio-solids, manure and other feed stocks into value-added products.

CircuiTree is a source of information for the printed circuit board industry. The editorial focuses on information for circuit board fabricators, their suppliers and OEM customers with purchasing authority for products such as fabrication equipment, fabrication materials, fabrications services and PCBs.

Electrical Apparatus is a magazine that covers the fields of electromechanical and electronic application and maintenance - the "electrical aftermarket" that serves as the electrical industry's "field laboratory" and is its second-largest market (after OEMs).

Energy and Power Engineering publishes research and review articles in all important aspects of electric power engineering and other professionals involved in the electric power industry.

Energy Law Journal publishes legal, policy, and economic articles and other materials of interest with significant research value on subjects dealing with the energy industries.

Engineered Systems provides smart, sustainable solutions for mechanical engineering projects. Whether it's a renovation or new construction, ES delivers new ideas to help commercial, institutional, industrial, and government buildings achieve LEED and Energy Star certification.

Engineering is an international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of engineering. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for engineers and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of engineering.

Generations is a journal of the American Society on Aging, the largest membership association for professionals in the field of aging in the United States. Each issue brings together the best and most uses full information about a key topic in aging, with an emphasis on the latest developments in the areas of practice, research and policy.

Gerontological Nursing Association. Perspectives addresses issues identified by our members as key to gerontological nursing practice.

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management is designed to bridge the gap between scientific research and the use of sound science in decision-making, regulation, and environmental management. IEAM presents new information, promotes dialogue, and fosters new methods for analysis of biological, ecological, chemical, engineering, environmental, physical and social science research applicable to the advancement of environmental policy and regulation, environmental management strategies, and sound approaches to environmental problem-solving.

Journal of Psychoactive Drugs is an authoritative peer-reviewed quarterly periodical containing timely information of a multidisciplinary nature for clinicians and other professionals in the drug abuse field as well as interested nonprofessionals.

Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association is a peer-reviewed, technical environmental journal which serves those occupationally involved in air pollution control and waste management through the publication of timely and reliable information.

Long-Term Living provides practical, hands-on information for those in the long-term care industry. Long-Term Living publishes articles that reflect a broad range of long-term care issues: e.g., Medicare reimbursement, regulations, innovative programs and problem solving, financing, new products, staff/resident interaction and care giving.

PM Engineer is the magazine of choice for those involved in the design and specification of plumbing, piping, hydronic/radiant heating and fire protection.

Pollution Engineering covers the air, water and waste environmental concerns in the Pollution Control field. Each issue provides information about regulatory requirements, and business benefits of proactive environmental control for today's Engineers and Consulting Engineers.

Public Roads is focused on developments in federal highway policies, programs, and research and technology. More specifically, the magazine covers advances and innovations in highway/traffic research and technology, critical national transportation issues, important activities and achievements of FHWA and others in the highway community, specific FHWA program areas, and subjects of interest to highway industry professionals.

The Stanza brings you news of Hymn Society events and of members' activities, a forum for opinions and requests for information, and advance announcements of contests, programs, lectures, and hymn festivals.

Sustainable Facility covers integrated high performance building, optimal energy and resource management in commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities for facility managers, engineers, service providers and jobs alike.

United Kingdom

Aging Health focuses on the most important advances and highlights their relevance in the clinical setting. The journal has been designed to deliver essential concise information - vital for the increasingly time-constrained professional. The audience for Aging Health consists of clinicians, research scientists, decision-makers and a range of professionals in the healthcare community.

Assembly Automation aims to keep pace with new developments, making it invaluable to engineers and managers who design and apply automation systems in user industries all over the world. The journal offers the latest international information and research reports with an emphasis on practical application, so that engineers and managers can gain immediate advantages on their own assembly lines. In addition to keeping you fully informed on research and developments in automated assembly, the journal also publishes current industry and product news, mini features, web sites, patents and book reviews, and an events diary.

Engineering Computations aims to provide a platform for the latest developments and applications of new solution algorithms, innovative numerical methods and solution techniques used in engineering design and practice.

Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy provides expert appraisal and commentary on the major trends in cancer care and highlights the performance of new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches.

Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology provides a forum for informed debate and critical analysis of all aspects of safety, tolerability, efficacy and therapeutic applications, in addition to covering toxicity issues, adverse reactions, pharmacoeconomics and societal issues.

Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics provides expert reviews on molecular diagnostic technologies and applied pharmacogenomics in clinical medicine.

Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics provides expert reviews on the use of drugs and medicines in clinical neurology and neuropsychiatry.

Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics& Outcomes Research provides expert reviews on cost-benefit and pharmacoeconomic issues relating to the clinical use of drugs and therapeutic approaches.

Industrial Lubrication and Tribology provides a broad coverage of the materials and techniques employed in tribology. It contains a firm technical news element which brings together and promotes best practice in the three disciplines of tribology which comprise lubrication, wear and friction. It also follows the progress of research into advanced lubricants, bearings, seals, gears and related materials.

Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering brings together developments in maintenance and quality that are of interest to both practitioners and researchers and plays a crucial role in minimizing process variability and sustaining process stability - the essential ingredients of product quality.

Microelectronics International provides an authoritative, international and independent forum for the critical evaluation and dissemination of research and development, applications, processes and current practices relating to advanced packaging, micro-circuit engineering, interconnection, semiconductor technology and systems engineering.

Pharmacogenomics is a peer-reviewed journal of reviews and reports by the researchers and decision-makers closely involved in this rapidly developing area. Pharmacogenomics focuses on those aspects that have the most direct relevance to the pharmaceutical industry and wider clinical community, including: the emergence of new pharmacogenomic initiatives and their impact on R&D and regulatory strategies; emerging technologies for accessing and exploiting genomic information; reviews of genotyping and clinical data in particular therapeutic areas; and development of novel diagnostic products and strategies.

Rapid Prototyping Journal provides industrialists and academics with essential information regarding research into the development and application of rapid prototyping and related technologies. The journal concentrates on rapid product development in a manufacturing environment but applications within other areas, such as medicine and construction, are also covered.

Scottish Industry / Science Partnership provides a means whereby topics of common interest to both the Scottish fishing industry and the Scottish Executive can be researched in greater depth or wider scope or at a faster rate than would be possible under existing funding of Fisheries Research Services through the Scottish Executive.

Statistical Bulletin. Fisheries Series presents statistics obtained from returns of an annual questionnaire sent to the proprietors and occupiers of salmon and sea trout fisheries under the provisions of section 64 of the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003. The information presented in the bulletin is the summation of these reports.

South America

Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering provides a forum for original papers and for the exchange of information and views on significant developments in urban and environmental engineering worldwide. The scope of the journal includes: water resources and waste management, construction and environment, urban design, and transportation engineering.

Latino Business Review is designed for business professionals throughout Latin America and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.


Business Review Europe is designed for European business professionals and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.

L'Annuaire de la Finance is an annual guide to all the major players of the finance industry in France. French language.

L'Agefi Actifs is a weekly review that provides reports and case studies for accounting, law, lawyer, broker, retirement, agents, and management occupations. French language.

L'Agefi Hebdo is a weekly magazine dedicated to provide the professionals of the finance industry with expert opinions, thematic files, and analysis based on the current events of finance. French language.

L'Agefi Quotidien provides current news and events for the financial and trade industry to the international press. French language.

Archives of Polish Fisheries is an international journal for scientists engaged in all aspects of fish and fisheries research, both freshwater and marine. The journal publishes research articles, short communications, reviews and monographic papers.

Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brasov. Forestry, Wood Industry, Agricultural Food Engineering. Series II is focused on forestry, wood industry and agricultural food engineering research.

Carpathian Journal of Electronic and Computer Engineering publishes scientific works, in international purposes, in different areas of research, such as: embedded systems, computer, electronic, automation and electric engineering.

Electronic Green Journal is a peer-reviewed digital journal providing open access to scholarly, international environmental information.


Advances in Pharmacology and Toxicology provides a forum for the publication of original scientific papers dealing with all branches of pharmaceutical sciences and toxicology.

Electronic Journal of Environmental Sciences publishes original, peer-reviewed research papers on main aspects of environmental sciences, such as environmental chemistry, environmental biology, ecology, geosciences and environmental physics.

Electronic Journal of Pharmacology and Therapy publishes original, peer-reviewed research papers on the main aspects of pharmacological science and therapy.

Pacific News Tok is a newsletter for anyone interested in the International Labour Organization's mandate and work focusing in the Pacific region. The newsletter provides information on ILO's programs, developments and other labor-related issues.

Business Review India is designed for business professionals in India and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.

Business Review Australia is designed for business professionals in Australia and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.

Africa/Middle East

African Business Review is designed for business professionals in Africa and provides information on all business-related issues including technology; operations; finance; and leadership.

Civil Engineering: Magazine of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering is a peer-reviewed, technical journal that is very relevant to the broad-ranging civil engineering field.

Daru publishes peer-reviewed original research articles in pharmaceutical sciences. The editorial boards of Daru specialize in different areas of pharmacy.

Scientia Iranica. Transaction A, Civil Engineeringhas, as its main objective, the publication and dissemination of original research in the field of civil engineering.

Scientia Iranica. Transaction B, Mechanical Engineering has, as its main objective, the publication and dissemination of original research in the field of mechanical engineering.

Scientia Iranica. Transaction C, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering is divided into two sections: chemistry and chemical engineering. The initial section has, as its objective, the publication and dissemination of original research work in the field of chemistry, which includes all aspects of applied and theoretical chemistry. The latter section has, as its objective, the publication and dissemination of original research in the theory and practice of chemical engineering, which includes kinetics, catalysis, reactor design, process modeling, simulation and control, thermodynamics and phase equilibrium, transport phenomena, polymer science and engineering, biotechnology and biochemical engineering, environmental engineering, and petroleum reservoir engineering.

Scientia Iranica. Transaction D, Computer Science & Electrical Engineering is divided into two sections: computer science & engineering and electrical engineering. The initial section publishes and disseminates original research works in the fields of computer science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, compilers, computer architectures, computer dependability and security, computer networks and distributed systems, data management, design automation and configurable computing, digital signal processing, embedded systems, operating systems, processor and system architectures, real-time systems, soft computing, software engineering, theoretical computer science, and verification, test and design. The latter section presents and distributes original research works in the field of electrical engineering which includes information theory, encryption secure communications, wireless communications, satellite and radar, control systems, quantum electronic devices, microelectronics, RF integrated circuits and systems, biomedical engineering and imaging, power electronics, energy management systems, photonics, nanophotonics, electromagnetic, antenna and propagation, optical networks and communications, and communication theory, and data networks.

Scientia Iranica. Transaction E, Industrial Engineering publishes and disseminates original, quality articles reporting recent advances in industrial engineering theory, techniques, methodology applications and practice. It fosters the exchange of ideas between engineers and researchers around the world and also those who emphasize different aspects of the foundations and applications of the field.


VNU eMedia, Inc. sold the group of publications listed below. As a result, these publications were removed from the LexisNexis® services on 6/3/2011.

Publication NameAlternative Titles
Billboard Radio MonitorMusic Reviews (Group File)
Music Week
Music Industry Newswire
New Musical Express
Newstex Blogs (including: AOL Music, AudioStuff.ro - Music Matters, Blogcritics.org Music, Brit Music Scene, Pop Music Scene)
American ArtistArts & Books Review
Artist Hideout
American Time 
Architectural Lighting Sourcing Electricals & Lighting
Architectural Record
The Architectural Review
MGS Architecture
Construction Materials and Architecture Stories (Group File)
Architecture Sourcing Electricals & Lighting
Architectural Record
The Architectural Review
MGS Architecture
Construction Materials and Architecture Stories (Group File)
Potentials Corporate Meetings & Incentives
Employee Benefits
Presentations EContent
Sporting Goods Dealer Ansom
Sporting Goods Business Ansom

CBJ Associates, Inc did not renew their contract with LexisNexis®. Los Angeles Business Journal and San Fernando Valley Business Journal were removed from the LexisNexis® services on 7/8/11. Alternative titles include:

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