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New Sources

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New News & Business Databases and Information Updates for the LexisNexis® Online Services


The focus this month is on Pakistan with 96 new titles from AsiaNet, a major news service based in Pakistan. The addition of Euromonitor's International Sector Capsules enhances our coverage of consumer markets around the world. With inline graphs and charts, learn about market size and share, trends, major brands and forecasts. Also new this month is Directors Deals, which provides information about share transactions made by directors in 47 countries.

The titles below are linked to their entry in the Searchable Directory of Online Sources Click to learn more about each title.


BW Confidential is the Paris-based business-to-business publication for the international cosmetics, fragrance, beauty and wellness industries. It provides the latest news, analysis and commentary on major issues in the global beauty market.

CNN Wire covers world news, politics, finance, health, entertainment and technology. CNN Wire harnesses the global capabilities and resources of CNN's international news gathering.

Directors Deals monitors and analyzes share transactions made by directors in the shares of their own company. It monitors 18,000 companies share transactions in 47 countries across Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Its mission is to transform the huge and complex volume of daily trades into investment grade data to better inform investment decisions.

Euromonitor International Sector Capsules are a collection of reports which provide headlines, market trends, company shares, competitive analysis and brand information for consumer markets across 80 countries. This information will help to establish the size and growth of each market identify leading subcategories; and know the top players and their brands.


Le Maine Libre is a daily newspaper that covers the regional and general news of Grand Mans, Haute Sarthe et Sarthe Loir, located in the center west of France. French language.


China Business Newswire is a newswire that is dedicated to reporting on China's economic and industrial development. In addition to covering the economy, this publication covers industries such as banking, insurance, oil & gas, coal, new energy, metals, chemicals, automotive, IT, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals/medicine, transportation, real estate, retailing, and food & beverage.

Shanghai Daily is an English language newswire that covers news in China. This newswire focuses on business but also reports on social, cultural and diplomatic developments in Shanghai and the surrounding region.

AsiaNet Pakistan is Pakistan's premier press release and aggregator news service, covering all major industries in Pakistan and its surrounding regions. Here are descriptions of 96 full text publications that provide comprehensive coverage of the key issues and industries in the emerging Pakistan market.

Ancient Pakistan contains research articles and excavation reports. The journal is devoted to the advancement of archaeological studies and to the promotion of interest in them.

Ancient Sindh covers Sindh and related territories from the earliest times to the Muslim Period.

Baluchistan Express, launched in 1990 from Quetta is an influential voice in the restive province that borders Iran and Afghanistan. It was the first newspaper of Baluchistan to go online.

Baluchistan Times is a respected English-language daily newspaper from the Baluchistan region of Pakistan. It is the market leader in Quetta and has a strong presence in the province of Balochistan that borders Afghanistan.

Blue Chip features analyses of the energy, banking and IT sectors. It also focuses on Pakistan's vibrant and competitive telecommunications industry, publishing monthly news and emerging facts. News and features on Pakistan's capital markets and its leading players are also published.

Bulletin of Education and Research contains scholarly essays, reviews, critiques, theoretical and conceptual articles and original research articles that contribute to understanding issues, problems, and research concerning all aspects of education.

Business Recorder covers business, economy, banking, industry, trade and agriculture with special emphasis on stocks. It is the biggest financial daily in Pakistan and the first such publication to be published in the Muslim world.

Criterion is a quarterly magazine which focuses on social and political issues facing Pakistan. The editorial board is neutral in its stance and the magazine provides space for a range of opinions and views.

Daily Times is circulated and printed from all the major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. It covers latest news and information; it covers breaking news about entertainment, sports, politics and social events.

Defence Journal focuses on national and international defense and political situations and their effects on Pakistan and South Asia.

The Dialogue aims to provide a forum for a rapidly expanding community of scholars from across the range of academic disciplines, and to encourage debate, controversy and reflection.

Eastern Worker contains information about new labor laws proposed/enacted, review of recent judgments, labor policy, workers' and employers' rights, workers' benefits, international news, ILO and labor standards, employers' legal and labor questions answered in light of labor laws/case law on hiring/firing workers, charge-sheet, inquiry and punishment, working hours, minimum wages and overtime rate, contract workers and labor law reform.

The Education Watch Pakistan focuses on the interests and activities of a wide range of stakeholders working in education, including teachers, teacher trainers, leaders, communities, civil society groups, donors, schools, colleges and universities as well as the general public.

Energy Update is a monthly magazine that focuses on developments in the energy sector, of particular interest to Pakistan. It is also covering developments in alternative energy source, especially compressed natural gas (CNG) and natural gas vehicles (NGV).

Enterprise is a monthly magazine that covers stories and news about trade and business in Pakistan and abroad. Previously the name of the magazine was Export times.

Express Tribune is the first internationally affiliated newspaper in Pakistan. Partnered with The International Herald Tribune the paper caters to the modern readers of Pakistan. The newspaper covers a variety of topics ranging from politics to the economy, foreign policy to investment and sports to culture.

The Financial Daily is Pakistan's a comprehensive financial newspaper and financial news website. It provides stock information, daily news, research reports and reviews.

Flare is a leading telecom news magazine that tries to meet the information and research needs of the global and local communications industry, from breaking news to expert analysis. It is the leading communications link between end users and the vendors, carriers and resellers of telecommunications technology and services.

The Frontier Post specializes in coverage of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province, Balochistan and Afghanistan.

The Frontier Star is a respected English-language daily regional newspaper from Peshawar covering a broad range of national and local stories and has a strong presence in the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province that borders Afghanistan and is on the frontline of the so called "War on Terrorism".

Global Media Journal encourages media scholars, media professionals, and graduate students to submit scholarly articles, critical essays, graduate research results, book reviews, and opinion pieces related to global communication.

Gomal University Journal of Research is a broad-spectrum, peer reviewed journal that covers a wide range of subjects including education, business, sciences, political science, history, sociology and anthropology.

Hiba is a Muslim lifestyle magazine helping to promote a balanced and practical application of Islam in family life. The theme of this publication is bridging the gap between Quran and Sunnah and the Muslim Diaspora, aiming to provide families with insightful, informative reading material about Islam.

Hilal is the official monthly magazine of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), the public relations department of the Pakistan army, navy and air force. The magazine contains informative and promotional material on national and international affairs, contributions of the Pakistan armed forces in defense, national building activities, and peacemaking activities.

IBEX is a magazine that was created to fill the informational gap for the world of business in Pakistan. Today, large numbers of companies, both foreign and local, are injecting huge financial investments in Pakistan. IBEX uses professionals – experts in their own field, to interview the movers and shakers, the policy makers and the decision makers of the corporate world.

Infectious Disease Journal of Pakistan is a quarterly publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan. The journal's unique mission is "to communicate and disseminate information to infectious disease researchers and clinicians throughout the country."

International Research Journal of Art and Humanities is published by the faculty of arts, University of Sindh. The journal includes papers and articles on a wide range of subjects including anthropology, Pakistan studies, archeology, architecture, art, art history, English, ethnic studies, dance, film, folklore, geography, geographic design, history landscape architecture, languages, literature, linguistics, music, performing arts, philosophy, postcolonial identities, product design, religion, second language studies, speech/communication, theater, visual arts, other areas of arts and humanities and cross disciplinary areas.

Iqbal Review is devoted to research studies on the life, poetry and thought of Iqbal and on those branches of learning in which he was interested: Islamic studies, philosophy, history, sociology, comparative religion, literature, art and archaeology.

Islamabad Dateline is a city-oriented daily newspaper that focuses on high quality, in depth journalism. It showcases content that highlights the people of Islamabad and what is important to them.

Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences publishes original research papers, review, extension/clinical articles on all aspects of animal (including fisheries/wildlife) and plant sciences, agricultural economics, rural sociology and other related subjects.

Journal of Behavioral Sciences is an interdisciplinary journal whose contents include work on a wide range of topics in psychology and allied disciplines. The Journal aims to bring together researchers from different specializations in psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, gender issues, organizational behavior, life sciences and psychiatry.

Journal of Business Strategies is published biannually by the faculty of Management Sciences and Information Studies, Greenwich University, Karachi. The topics covered by the journal include marketing, management, and banking and finance as well computer science and information technology.

Journal of Educational Research aims to encourage and coordinate research in all areas of education.

Journal of European Studies focuses on the European Union, its politics, law, competition policy, economics and external relationships. It covers European security, foreign and security policy, Europe-Pakistan relations, Europe and the Muslim world and Europe's relations with the developing world.

Journal of Gender and Social Issues publishes articles that enhance the understanding of social, environmental and cultural factors affecting individuals and society, and disseminates findings related to gender and social issues.

Journal of Himalayan Earth Sciences aims to contribute to the development and advancement of earth sciences, and encourages sustainable usage of natural resources, mitigation of natural hazards and countering the adverse effects of climate change.

Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences publishes refereed research papers in the areas of humanities, social sciences, arts, business management, and journalism and mass communication.

Journal of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists aims to promote the cause of dermatology, encourage research and the presentation of scientific papers allied to dermatology, improve patient care, promote the teaching of dermatology to both undergraduates and postgraduates, and formulate policies on matters related to dermatology in Pakistan in association with government authorities.

Journal of the Pakistan Materials Society includes articles related to various aspects of materials science, applied physics and engineering of materials.

Journal of Pakistan Vision seeks to provide a forum for discussion on issues and problems primarily relating to Pakistan.

Journal of Political Studies aims to provide an understanding of the major theories of political science and international relations, the nature and dynamics of the political process, selected political systems and foreign policy dynamics.

Journal of Research Society of Pakistan promotes research on the work connected with the Muslim heritage in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent with special emphasis on Pakistan.

Journal of Science and Technology provides an outlet for research findings and reviews in the areas of science and technology and which are found to be relevant to national and international development.

Journal of Statistics presents research on statistics in all fields that are likely to have a significant impact on statistical methodology or understanding.

Kashmir Journal of Language Research offers peer reviewed articles on linguistics.

KUST Medical Journal is an official journal of the Institute of Medical Sciences, Kohat University of Science and Technology (KUST). It publishes papers in clinical laboratory research and related fields.

Medical Channel is a peer reviewed journal on medical and health sciences. Published quarterly, it aims to publish original and well-documented clinical and laboratory articles on a diverse range of medical topics.

The Messenger is published daily from Karachi, the largest city and the commercial hub of Pakistan. The newspaper covers developments in the field of politics, business, sports, technology and entertainment. Although the newspaper covers international news the primary focus of the paper is on developments in Pakistan.

The Nation is a respected English-language national daily newspaper from Pakistan. It is the market leader in the Punjab and Islamabad areas and has a strong presence in Karachi.

New Horizons contains research papers on a wide range of subject of social sciences, like sociology, criminology, social problems, good governance, distance education and Islamic education.

Nukta Art is primarily devoted to the visual arts in Pakistan and aims to map the dynamic and diverse creative landscapes of the country and its interface with other cultures.

Pakistan and Gulf Economist, the leading weekly financial magazine, covers topics and investigative reports of the business community, members of the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad stock exchanges, members of different chambers of commerce and industry, governments' officials, professionals and bankers.

Pakistan Armed Forces Medical Journal provides clinicians, scientists and those in training with articles on subjects of current interest.

Pakistan Business News is a daily service that comprises news releases issued by the business organizations government departments and autonomous and semi-autonomous departments and industry associations.

Pakistan Company News is a daily full text disclosure wire of announcements posted by companies listed on stock exchanges in Pakistan, including Karachi Stock Exchange, the country's largest exchange.

Pakistan Economic and Social Review focuses on economic and social problems facing Pakistan as well as other emergent nations of the world. It is intended to serve as a means of communication between teachers, research workers, planners, administrators and all others interested in the problems associated with economic development.

Pakistan Engineering Review is the country's foremost magazine covering events and subjects that are of professional and commercial interest to engineers in government offices, consulting firms, contractors, industry and academia. Subjects of interest for architects and town planners are also covered.

Pakistan Industrial and Advisory Report is produced fortnightly by Pakistan Industrial and Research Publications. Reports cover a large range of issues and business sectors.

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research reports on original research findings of agricultural scientists and university teachers working in research organizations and agricultural universities around the country and abroad. The aim is to meet the information needs of the agricultural professionals by creating awareness about the latest research and achievements of fellow scientists and updating their technical knowledge.

Pakistan Journal of Agriculture and Biology disseminates original scientific work related to basic and applied studies in the field of agriculture, biology, natural resources, and related socio-economic sciences.

Pakistan Journal of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry provides original research papers on all aspects of analytical sciences, instrumentation, chemical, physical and biological methods of analysis, computer-based techniques, laboratory automation, industrial applications, quality assurance and control. The Journal covers the fields of pure and applied analytical chemistry, comprising environmental material, agricultural chemistry, geochemistry, food chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences, development and modification of instruments and techniques with potentials in environmental sciences.

Pakistan Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences presents original papers, reviews and notes in a range of fields of basic and applied sciences.

Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology provides a forum for the dissemination of findings related to social and clinical areas of psychology. The Journal aims to enhance the understanding of social, environmental and cultural factors in the etiology and outcomes of mental health problems as affecting individuals and society.

Pakistan Journal of Forestry conducts research in forestry sciences in Pakistan.

Pakistan Journal of International Relations contains articles on international, regional and domestic security, conflict resolution and confidence building measures, peace studies and peace building, theories of international relations, globalization, terrorism and political violence, national defense policy, and foreign policy of South Asian countries.

Pakistan Journal of Medical Research publishes original work in the fields of biomedical and clinical research, as well as, different aspects of public health contributed by the research projects sponsored by both the Pakistan Medical Research Council (PMRC) and other organizations.

Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences publishes original research articles, review articles, current practices, short communications and case reports. Opinion-makers among the medical and pharmaceutical profession use this publication to communicate their viewpoint.

Pakistan Journal of Pathology is a peer reviewed journal published quarterly. It is the official journal of the Pakistan Association of Pathologists.

Pakistan Journal of Plant Sciences contains research work related to forest, agriculture and plant protection.

Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research provides an outlet for fully documented research that addresses educational, social, developmental, and other areas of psychology.

Pakistan Journal of Psychology aims to enhance the understanding of social, environmental and cultural factors in the etiology and outcomes of mental health problems as affecting individuals and society.

Pakistan Journal of Science aims to promote and cultivate science in all its branches including its application to practical problems.

Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology aims to enhance the understanding of social, environmental and cultural factors in the etiology and outcomes of mental health problems as affecting individuals and society.

Pakistan Journal of Weed Science Research focuses on research related to weed sciences. It is published by the Weed Science Society of Pakistan.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology seeks to promote scientific knowledge of animals and of related subjects with a view to stimulating scientific investigations and their applications.

Pakistan News Releases is a daily compilation of press releases issued by all business, economic, social and political organizations in Pakistan.

Pakistan Observer is a daily newspaper in Islamabad, Pakistan covering local news, sports, business, jobs, and community events.

Pakistan Official News is a daily service comprises news releases issued by the Pakistan's federal and provincial governments as well as by government departments and autonomous and semi-autonomous departments and officially recognized industry associations.

Pakistan Oral and Dental Journal is a peer-reviewed publication that covers issues of dentistry particularly in Pakistan and the developing world.

Pakistan Perspectives is a refereed research journal that promotes a multidisciplinary approach to the multitude of problems and challenges faced by contemporary Pakistan. The journal provides a forum for debate and discussion on all subjects which come within the domain of humanities and social sciences and concern Pakistan in its internal, regional and global setting.

Pakistan Press International is the news feed of the Pakistan Press International news agency, the country's independent news agency serving the national and international media since 1956.

Pakistan Sugar Journal focuses on the areas on agriculture related to sugar, milling and processing.

Pakistan Textile Journal provides to readers practical information and the latest technical innovations in the fields of fibers both natural and synthetic, spinning, weaving, knitting, non-woven, embroidery, dyeing/ finishing printing of fabrics, garments and knitwear.

Pakistan Today focuses on business and finance, including industry trends, official policy, corporate chatter, politics, and emerging trends in financial and economic landscape in Pakistan. The paper also gives detailed city coverage to Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad, the cities from where it is published.

The Patriot is a daily newspaper published from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, and focuses on national politics and the occasional opinionated investigative reports. The paper also covers business, sports, entertainment and technology. The paper covers the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi extensively.

Policy Perspective presents original research papers with reflective studies and analyses on varied themes and issues. Contributions to the journal appeal to a wide academic and professional readership, and reach an interdisciplinary and international audience.

Pulse International reports on controversial issues which affect health services in general, undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, teaching and training. It provides in-depth studies of issues connected with the health sector and investigative medical reporting.

Regional Times is the only regional English language newspaper in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Its headquarters is located in Karachi.

Science International is dedicated to research and development activities in basic and applied sciences.

Slogan is Pakistan's leading monthly magazine on advertising, public relations, marketing, media and research in Pakistan.

South Asia is a political and economic magazine that publishes news and analysis about South Asia and its international Diasporas.

South Asian Studies is a bi-annual journal that provides a forum for original work on South Asian politics, economy, security culture and literature. The articles may include reports of empirical studies, review articles, theoretical articles, methodological articles and case studies.

Statesman is a daily newspaper focuses on coverage of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa province.

Strategic Studies provides in-depth explanations and objective analyses of regional and global strategic issues, affecting international peace and security.

Technology Times covers Pakistan's technological development including information technology, telecom, agriculture, biotechnology, environment, energy. The publication's goal is to report the most compelling problems at the forefront of science and technology.

The Voice focuses on business and finance with a particular emphasis on large industries. The magazine includes interviews with Pakistani business leaders and offers an avenue for promoting brands among the affluent elite. The monthly magazine pursues an objective and independent policy highlighting the positive aspects of our society without ignoring the negative sides.


ProQuest Information and Learning Company no longer distributes the sources listed below. As a result, the following sources were removed from the LexisNexis® services on September 24, 2011.

Academy of Marketing Science Review
Alternative titles are:

Alternative title is Healthcare Executive

Economic Review – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Alternative titles are:

Burrill Canadian Biotech News
Alternative titles are:

Canadian Underwriter
Alternative title is Business Insurance

CMA Management
Alternative titles are:

Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management
Alternative titles are:

Criminal Justice Ethics
Alternative title is Journal of Criminal Justice

Alternative titles are:

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