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News Articles Delivered To Your Desktop

Need assistance in finding the right product for your needs?

Making timely, informed decisions is critical in today’s legal and business arena. LexisNexis built its reputation as the information technology leader by helping legal, business and government professionals – like you - get answers to research questions quickly and efficiently. Today, the innovation continues with LexisNexis Current Awareness products – a family of productivity tools for managing your information needs. These information management tools let you monitor topics important to you and your clients in a vast array of news and business sources, public records and legal materials.

These products are designed for user’s who need the newest information each business day. Delivered automatically to the desktop are the daily articles and relevant facts that users need in making everyday decisions. The kind of information that keeps customers up-to-date and allows them to track daily developments on their clients and their clients’ industries, monitor business trends, prospects and their industries, competitors and much more.

LexisNexis Current Awareness products include:

These Current Awareness products can be used by a single user and delivered to a single desktop; can be accessed from a firm’s Intranet by many persons within the firm; or can be accessed from a firm’s Internet web site so that visitors can link to articles of interest.

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