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World Oil Co. v. Northeast Shipbuilding, Fourth Edition

World Oil Co. v. Northeast Shipbuilding, Fourth Edition

The plaintiff, World Oil Company, is seeking to recover from the defendants, Northeast Shipbuilding Toiler Salvage Company, all or a portion of the $1,200,000.000 in damages awarded to Nita claimants as a result of the grounding and breakup of World Oil's supertanker, the J. B. John, which suffered a complete failure of her steering gear and began to drift out of control. The supertanker grounded and broke in half, spilling her 230,000 tons of crude oil into the water and subsequently onto Nita's shore. Other State of Nita, Nita citizens, and various business and tourist enterprises sued World Oil in federal district court for damages caused by the oil spill, alleging that the spill was caused by World's negligence in putting an unseaworthy vessel to sea. The Government of Nita and other Nita claimants also claimed that World's agent, Captain Griffin, performed his duties as captain negligently when he delayed calling for tug assistance after he knew that the J. B. John steering gear was inoperative. The Nita claimants were awarded a total of $1,200,000,000 against World on the basis of those claims. World has claims for indemnity and contribution against Northeast Shipbuilding, the manufacturer of the steering gear, claiming that the defective design and manufacture of the steering system caused the grounding and resultant oil spill. World has also filed a claim for indemnification and contribution against the Toiler Salvage Company, claiming negligence in the tug Superior's attempt to tow the J. B. John. The manufacturer of the steering gear and the tug company defend these claims by asserting that they were not negligent and by alleging that the cause of the grounding was the negligence of the other parties to the action.

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