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Fact Investigation

Fact Investigation

This book will change the way you approach your cases for the rest of your career.

Your investigation begins where the police investigation ends. In an exploration of informal fact investigation, you will learn how to plan for learning critical facts and how to develop and implement a winning case theory. Focus your case by narrowing the issues and employing other groundbreaking techniques discussed in this guide by authors Anthony Bocchino and Paul Zwier.

Fact Investigation includes three problems that illustrate the use of practical learning models, and integrates them into the overall case planning and ethical issues of day-to-day lawyering. The case files include: Quinlan v. Kane Electronics (business/contract case), Brown v. Byrd (auto accident and personal injury case), and State v. Lawrence (criminal robbery case).


"Zwier and Bocchino have developed a teaching book for one of the most fundamental and critical skill sets that lawyers today are required to do - thoroughly investigate facts and develop a 'winning' theory of the case. What is perhaps most impressive about this effort is it not only can serve as an excellent guide for those lawyers just embarking on their journey through the legal profession, but is also a tremendous practical resource to lawyers with many years of experience."

-Richard A. Chesley, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue, Chicago, Illinois

"Finally a book has been written that devotes itself to this critical aspect of a trial lawyer's work. Zwier and Bocchino's excellent new book Fact Investigation is not only a handy reference tool but well worth a read from start to finish."

-Kenneth S. Broun, Henry Brandis Professor of Law, University of North Carolina School of Law

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