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State v. Chambers Case File

State v. Chambers Case File

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After Mark Chambers was involved in a car accident, the responding police officer, Office Goodfellow, attempted to arrest him for driving under the influence of alcohol. As Officer Goodfellow was placing the handcuffs on Chambers, a scuffle ensued. Chambers was then arrested for DUI-Alcohol and for Assault and Battery upon a Peace Officer.

The charges were severed and in this case file, Chambers is only being charged with battery. Chambers filed a complaint against Officer Goodfellow for misconduct, but a hearing determined that the complaint was unfounded. Based on an actual case, State v. Chambers focuses on many controversial issues. The addition of social media evidence in the Second Edition adds another element to test student's skills.

There are four witnesses for both the plaintiff and the defendant, including two expert witnesses.

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