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Transactional Practice Series: A Friend in Need Case File

Transactional Practice Series: A Friend in Need Case File

The Transactional Practice Series is a set of books designed to teach lawyering skills, such as client counseling and drafting legal documents. The series provides a client-centered approach, allowing students to counsel clients in a series of related, simulated transactions. It provides a real-world perspective that is not available when simply analyzing completed transactions summarized in casebooks.

A Friend in Need - Forming a Nonprofit Corporation

This book examines the issues confronting Walter Fields, an individual who wants to start a nonprofit corporation to help the homeless. The documents covered include: a Client Retainer Agreement, Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Bylaws, and an Application for Tax-Exemption. Other projects include: advising a client about the restrictions on running a nonprofit corporation, review of a proposed fundraising contract, a presentation to the Board of Directors, and a conference with an IRS agent.

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