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Polisi v. Clark and Parker & Gould, Second Edition

Polisi v. Clark and Parker & Gould, Second Edition

Polisi v. Clark and Parker & Gould is also available in these versions by calling 1-800-533-1637:

Defendants Edition
ISBN 9781556817731
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Plaintiffs Edition
ISBN 9781556817724
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After Maggie Polisi, an associate at the law firm of Parker & Gould, breaks off a relationship with a partner, Simon Clark, she is denied partnership. Polisi sues Clark and the firm for gender discrimination, sexual harassment (quid pro quo and hostile work environment), and defamation. This case file is designed to teach advanced trial skills in a complex action involving both liability and damages.

There are three witnesses for both the plaintiff and the defendants. This particular file is the expert edition focusing on trial skills and use of expert witnesses. Includes a CD-ROM with video depositions of the key witnesses that allows for teaching how to conduct an impeachment by use of technology. These deposition clips are included as part of a PowerPoint show.

Law professors may request the teaching notes for this publication by emailing

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